Friday, 17 February 2012

Love, alpro, portfolio.

This week has been lovely. You know, if I focus on the very good things and not my ever looming dissertation deadline.

♥  Valentines day was wonderful & nice to be able to spend it together (last year I was eating tapas with my american language assistant amigos!) I spent the day at uni, unfortunately! But then later we went out to Fazenda for dinner - meat eater heaven - vegetarians don't bother!

♥ I'm in the process of changing my 'lifestyle'. A little ambitious? Maybe. But, many moons ago I was once a vegan, for a good 6-8 months. Me and my insides (but not my skin) loved the vegan lifestyle. It was a great, pure, feeling; knowing that everything you are putting in was from the Earth and can really do no harm to you or your body. However, my skin broke out a lot and I was lacking in some major vits! - my own fault, might I add, it is completely possible to have a vegan diet with every single thing you need in it!

♥ Anyhoo, as you can see - Alpro Soya is now back in my life. I'm nowhere close to being vegan, or want to be right now, but as someone who suffers with IBS & possibly a slight lactose intolerance; this is the perfect alternative for me. I've also invested in some 'Yakults' for healthy tummy bacteria and I've revamped my 'diet' to include a lot more veg, wholemeal, brown rice/pasta and lean meat/fish.

♥ On day one (seriously) of having a yakult, alpro, pear and green tea breakfast my stomache was feeling fantastic for the first time in weeks and so to anyone out there who may be thinking of some new foods to try or has upset tummy issues - I would maybe give these a go :)

♥ I'm working on a portfolio! Which is exciting and something I've always wanted to do with my photos - even if it's just for me to have them nicely displayed all in one virtual place! I'll hopefully be finishing it this weekend and will have a post about it soon.

How has your week been? :)

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