Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Links Loved & Valentines Freebie.

I thought today of all days I would share the love on some of my favourite bloggers!

I am quite a big fan of Valentines day, even if it is a 'Hallmark' holiday - I still think it is nice, in the busy world that we live in, to slow down and enjoy a day with your significant other or have a lovely day by yourself :) I hope whatever you get up to, you enjoy it either way!

Here are my 'Links Loved' for this month - a mixture of bad ass runners, lovely photographers and fashion inspiration.

The Tortoise With No Hair
Bangs & A Bun
Look. Snap. Love
Sarahs Scribbles
My Fat Chance
Be Pretty Fit
Remies Luxury Blog
Little Bird Fashion
Big Fashionista
The Writer-Runner
A Thrifty Mrs
Running is Magical

If you're on there, essentially I stalk you on the daily. There are also numerous others which I adore! But these are the first few that spring to mind as ones I would recommend everyone have a look at :)


Just as an extra to you all I've made a 'Valentines-y' blog photo layout. Complete with (or without) a love heart, curved corners, white/pink borders, text and drop shadow!

I hope you like it & have a wonderful Valentines day! xo

Available to download -> [Here!]

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  1. Amazing line up of blogs there... a lot of my faves in that list :)

  2. How could I forget yours! I read yours all the time! Bad Sam x

  3. I think we should form a union of stalkers - I read all those too!!

  4. [...] spotted lots of lovely things since I did my first ‘links loved‘ in February, so here are this months lists of wonderful things, blogs, ideas & [...]


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