Thursday, 23 February 2012


MAC Lipstick: Whirls & Twirls | NARS Sheer Glow Foundation: Santa Fe | HD Brow Palette: Foxy.

This week my hair has decided to take on a whole new shade of - what should be - brown, and gradually faded to red (ish).

Now, I have zero problems with redheads - I think it's a gorgeous colour if you can pull it off or are naturally blessed with it. But me? I'm not enjoying it.

It clashes with generally everything I own, and after a £115 haircut (yes, silly me) the last thing you expect after two + weeks of carefully washing it is for it to become ginger. But it is. And I'm going to have to deal with it until I can afford to get it corrected! - Which will hopefully be in the next few weeks; I can't walk around with the urge to put a bag on my head much longer.

Anyway, enough moaning/being vain.

Other stuff;

My PGCE (Teacher Training) application is officially sent and being processed for York St Johns & Manchester Met - so fingers crossed it all goes well! :)

Pancake day was amazing, and made my first real batch of pancakes! (not difficult I know, but when you assume they naturally come from a bottle that you add water to...) Nutella & bananas were the choice of this house!

I went shopping with my little sister for her birthday 'outfit' - she turns 21 this St Paddys Day and I guess I should stop calling her 'little'. It was also the easiest shopping trip I think I've ever been on in my life! We got the dress after only looking in two shops and shoes straight from Office! She's going to look lovely :) now I just have to find me something!

I've lost 4lbs! Apparently. I hopped on the scales the other day (generally avoid them as I believe its all about how I feel, rather than what the dreaded machine says) but I thought I'd have a peek at how my new 'healthy lifestyle' was doing; and so far, so good! I've cross trained, done pilates and been swimming this week and enjoyed them all! So it's nice to see a little weight shifted too, always a bonus :)

Becoming one of my favourite meals; chicken, wholewheat noodles, light soy sauce, red onion, pepper, half a red chilli, garlic & ginger, sweetcorn and carrot. Mm!

Hope your week is treating you well!



  1. I want pancakes now! Have such a craving after seeing your pics! Hope you've had a very lovely weekend xxx

  2. Hi Samantha
    You're blog came up when I did a google search for brown dye fading to ginger. I'm in the same position as you were. I had my long highlighted blonde hair dyed medium brown 2 and a bit weeks ago and it had already faded to a gingery light brown. I just wanted to ask you what you did to rectify it? I'm stuck between going darker or having nlonde highlights put back in to return to blonde. Would be really interested in hearing your story. Thank you

  3. Hi Ingrid, so sorry, I've been away for 2 weeks + so haven't had chance to reply.

    I went back lighter. And it was too difficult really. I went to the hairdressers who has done it gradually. At first it was definitely more light/mousey brown, then by the second trip I was blonde/brown again. And actually I've stuck to this shade even though it isnt as blonde as I was previously, I still like it!

    Hope that helps
    I'm sure most hairdressers will be able to help you gradually get back to your original colour x

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