Friday, 20 January 2012

MAC Attack. [Pop Mode & Smokey Eyes]

This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands - but I am not in any way complaining!


(also, I made a gif! I made a gif!)

So now I'm spending my time blogging, being vain, and talking about make-up. Suits me fine.

I think apart from Spanish, running, blogging & eating food - make up is another one of my addictions in life. Sadly, I'm never seen many places without it, but some days, I do love to put it on and in a way become somebody different. Me without the layers doesn't make the most confident person, but once I've applied the colour of the day I'm good to go out into the big wide world.

With that, comes the fact that I completely own too much make-up, a box full, in fact. Maybe one of these days I'll blog about it. But for today, I just wanted to congratulate MAC on being so damn perfect.

Pop Mode Lipglass & Eye Kit 'Smokey Eye'  are possibly becoming my two favourite purchases (one was a gift) I personally love purpley/reds, even though I'm probably considered pretty pale, I like the contrast. I used the bottom shades on my eyes & just one layer of Pop Mode.

I'm a bit of a MAC addict, so me singing its praises may not be a shock to most, but I just thought these two were worth shouting about!

Make-up| MAC : Pop Mode Lipglass & Eye Kit Smokey Eye. Jumper| TopshopJewellery| Tiffany & Co Bracelet & Earrings.

What do you think? :)

What are your favourite beauty brands?



    I'm a MAC addict too (, and I don't think there's anything wrong with it! I love the look you created here, and funnily enough, I was thinking of doing a gif with my next post, you beat me to it :P!

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