Thursday, 26 January 2012

'Good Girl Gone Bad' or Just An Idiot?

If there's one thing I'm sick of hearing about - its Rihanna. So why am I writing about her?

Three reasons - a) that tattoo b) insulting a fan c) why I think shes a bit of a dick.

It seems the Bajan pop-star can't move without announcing it in some kind of cryptic message on Twitter, but the internet truly lost its shiz when Rihanna went and got 'Thug Life' tattooed on her knuckles & posted these images along with it.

Now, clearly, the girl can do what she wants. She's a twenty something, independent female, and not the only person on the planet with a tattoo. What I don't get is why this makes her a 'bad girl', yet, ironically, she is wearing a John Lennon tee?

When will I see the end of 'Good Girl Gone Bad'? ...Probably never. Apparently, she has a lot of tattoos. Apparently, this makes her some kind of rebel? Apparently, this makes everybody lose their mindz. To me, it is amazing the kind of mediocre rubbish the social media generation are fascinated by at the moment. In my opinion, this is just another celebrity cry for their fifteen minutes - look at me, I have a new tattoo. WELL DONE. Are we seriously impressed by things like this nowadays?

Of course, along with this 'incredible' / ridiculous tattoo & social media flipping their lid over it, came a couple of comments; one fan tweeting "lol, you're not a thug, stop it." (fair comment, in my opinion) to which the 'star' and questionable 'role model' to many, said, very publicly, "#DUH shut up bitch, swallow!!" <- what in the name of all things holy, does that mean for one, and what kind of example does that set?

Well done RiRi, you insulted one of the people who actually supports you - Lord knows why. You publicly shamed one of many people who questioned your tattoo and made yourself look like a douche in the mean time.

If that hasn't already answered point three, I'm not sure what does, but to be honest there is more. It's not often I dislike people, but calling a fan a 'bitch' really just pushed me over the metaphorical edge.

From singing about S&M, grinding around with next to no clothes on & pretending to be a thug, what kind of example does she really set for the 12 MILLION followers she has? Of which, I'm guessing around 9 million are teenagers, the rest being desperate men.

Yes, she has grown up and 'come of age' in the spotlight, but why does that give her the right to roll around, tied up in bondage? Clearly, she knows what she is doing. Sex sells, and boy, have we seen enough of Rihannas ass (and her doing the butterfly) to last a life time. All I can say, as a person that wants to have children at some point in my life, is that I am a glad I am not raising a child right now. If I ever came home to them prancing around to "sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me" & "I love it when you eat it" I may have to sit them down to watch Songs of Praise and sprinkle them with Holy water.

I'm no prude, sex is a natural thing and it is nothing to be ashamed about, but what really gets my goat is when it's allowed to be so publicly flaunted, in such an overly sexualised way and shoved, with ease, down the throats of young people, disguised as nothing more than 'pop music'. Leading to young men being attracted to Rihanna, and young girls thinking the need to act like her to be noticed - in a World that's teen population is already riddled with STD's and under age pregnancy, is it really any surprise when this type of material is flying about on the daily?


I'm not saying Rihanna is the only person out there doing this, I'm sure she didn't sign up to be a role model - but unfortunately, that is what she is, and with such a powerful social media following, maybe she should question & THINK about what she says before she hits send.

We are a World of people shaped by current trends, music and celebrities. All I'm wondering is, when is enough - enough? It really wouldn't surprise me to see a full on porno on MTV at some point in the future (Oh, no wait, there already is) and the norm of music videos becoming something more similar to soft porn, because lets face it, what are we really shocked by any more?

/end of rant.


What happened to songs about crushes and boy bands with overly gelled hair & bad computer graphics? Where did that go?

I'd be happy to see peoples opinions on this.



  1. The good music is around, just not on the radio of course! Ha. I think she is stupid. She's hot though and as you said, sex sells right? I would like to think that she's just doing all this stuff to ensure that she keeps on selling because her music alone isn't enough.

    Now on to the tattoo. It really bugs me that she's got this done because I know for a fact that a lot of young girls are going to be getting the same tattoo over the weekend no doubt! And people will tattoo it of course, it's money. It's just annoying that ink like this from celebrities like this help contribute to the negative image that an ancient form of artwork has among parents and society.

    Rihanna could do so much more with the following she has and the message she sends out but that's not my problem. She can keep on making the shit and people will keep on buying the shit!

  2. You're so right. This wouldn't be the first time Rihanna's tweeted something questionable, the sad thing is, she always gets away with it. She sells her soul for attention, so the fact that she's pulled this stunt comes as no surprise.

  3. I ABSOLUTELY agree with you here! I don't like bashing people, either but sometimes when you speak the truth about someone, that's just what it's going to sound like. Sounds like most of the female artists to come into contact with Jay-Z end up going in this direction. I mean, look at Beyonce... she's basically doing all the same things Rihanna is doing and has become a cursing, over-sexed symbol herself. Unfortunately, most young kids don't think for themselves and they view people who are "not playing by the rules" as inspirational when in fact, the rules for entertainers don't always match up to those of society. Same as you, I don't have any children, but the way so many young entertainers are all trying to outdo each other with the copycat syndrome, there's no way I'd let them listen to or watch any of this garbage.

  4. I agree! There is something about her that just doesn't sit right with me. I'm fed up with the songs filled with explicit sexual references, one song is tolerable but every single song, no. I'm not a prude either but to me, there is a million other things in the world to write/sing about. It's just not necessary when the majority of her fan base is teenage girls. Definitely not a good role model & although she might not want to be a role model, to me, when you're in the public eye you do have some kind of responsibility. Unfortunately it comes with the job.

    If I had kids, I would not want them watching this at. Children should be able to be children and enjoy it and this kind of crap forces them to grow up too quickly.

  5. Ugh, Rihanna is the worst. One day I was in the car with my dog and one of her songs came on the radio - he barked until I changed the station. Nuff said, really.


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