Thursday, 26 January 2012

'Good Girl Gone Bad' or Just An Idiot?

If there's one thing I'm sick of hearing about - its Rihanna. So why am I writing about her?

Three reasons - a) that tattoo b) insulting a fan c) why I think shes a bit of a dick.

It seems the Bajan pop-star can't move without announcing it in some kind of cryptic message on Twitter, but the internet truly lost its shiz when Rihanna went and got 'Thug Life' tattooed on her knuckles & posted these images along with it.

Now, clearly, the girl can do what she wants. She's a twenty something, independent female, and not the only person on the planet with a tattoo. What I don't get is why this makes her a 'bad girl', yet, ironically, she is wearing a John Lennon tee?

When will I see the end of 'Good Girl Gone Bad'? ...Probably never. Apparently, she has a lot of tattoos. Apparently, this makes her some kind of rebel? Apparently, this makes everybody lose their mindz. To me, it is amazing the kind of mediocre rubbish the social media generation are fascinated by at the moment. In my opinion, this is just another celebrity cry for their fifteen minutes - look at me, I have a new tattoo. WELL DONE. Are we seriously impressed by things like this nowadays?

Of course, along with this 'incredible' / ridiculous tattoo & social media flipping their lid over it, came a couple of comments; one fan tweeting "lol, you're not a thug, stop it." (fair comment, in my opinion) to which the 'star' and questionable 'role model' to many, said, very publicly, "#DUH shut up bitch, swallow!!" <- what in the name of all things holy, does that mean for one, and what kind of example does that set?

Well done RiRi, you insulted one of the people who actually supports you - Lord knows why. You publicly shamed one of many people who questioned your tattoo and made yourself look like a douche in the mean time.

If that hasn't already answered point three, I'm not sure what does, but to be honest there is more. It's not often I dislike people, but calling a fan a 'bitch' really just pushed me over the metaphorical edge.

From singing about S&M, grinding around with next to no clothes on & pretending to be a thug, what kind of example does she really set for the 12 MILLION followers she has? Of which, I'm guessing around 9 million are teenagers, the rest being desperate men.

Yes, she has grown up and 'come of age' in the spotlight, but why does that give her the right to roll around, tied up in bondage? Clearly, she knows what she is doing. Sex sells, and boy, have we seen enough of Rihannas ass (and her doing the butterfly) to last a life time. All I can say, as a person that wants to have children at some point in my life, is that I am a glad I am not raising a child right now. If I ever came home to them prancing around to "sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me" & "I love it when you eat it" I may have to sit them down to watch Songs of Praise and sprinkle them with Holy water.

I'm no prude, sex is a natural thing and it is nothing to be ashamed about, but what really gets my goat is when it's allowed to be so publicly flaunted, in such an overly sexualised way and shoved, with ease, down the throats of young people, disguised as nothing more than 'pop music'. Leading to young men being attracted to Rihanna, and young girls thinking the need to act like her to be noticed - in a World that's teen population is already riddled with STD's and under age pregnancy, is it really any surprise when this type of material is flying about on the daily?


I'm not saying Rihanna is the only person out there doing this, I'm sure she didn't sign up to be a role model - but unfortunately, that is what she is, and with such a powerful social media following, maybe she should question & THINK about what she says before she hits send.

We are a World of people shaped by current trends, music and celebrities. All I'm wondering is, when is enough - enough? It really wouldn't surprise me to see a full on porno on MTV at some point in the future (Oh, no wait, there already is) and the norm of music videos becoming something more similar to soft porn, because lets face it, what are we really shocked by any more?

/end of rant.


What happened to songs about crushes and boy bands with overly gelled hair & bad computer graphics? Where did that go?

I'd be happy to see peoples opinions on this.


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Oh, look! No appetite. Oh no, wait...

The other day I tweeted : "So, that weird running appetite is back... ie. I don't have one. Then all of a sudden - GIVE ME BURGERS, ALL THE BURGERS!"

And I think that pretty much sums up what this blog post is about.

What the hell is with my up & down appetite? I've really been getting into my Half Marathon training now that I have my life back / exams are over, and it's not going too bad really. I got a 3.5 mile PB the other day with a time of 31 minutes, which is normally my average 3 mile time - so to have done an extra half a mile in less time, made me pretty happy!

I've upped my classes and now intend on adding pilates once a week to my plan, but over the past few days I've noticed one of two things happening -
I have no appetite.


I could eat all the pie in the world, and still have room for pudding.

Now, I'm not exactly complaining about the first one. As a person that generally loves food in all shapes and sizes, a little less eating and a lot more moving can only spell 'weight loss!' in my eyes but the second one - oh my word, when that one kicks in, the cupboards better watch out. I feel like I could eat & eat & eat and never stop!

I guess there is a healthy balance in-between all of this, I just need to find it. It's been pointed out I may be dehydrated, and that can trigger either one (no bueno). I do need to work on drinking more water, but for now, I guess I'm just going to ride it out, concentrate on what I'm doing and fuel my body as & when needed. I'm sure it will figure itself out! (before I eat the entire contents of this house, hopefully.)

In Other News.

♥  Did I mention I'm giving up biscuits, (white) bread, and (mashed/white) potatoes for a month? Yeah, that's happening too. It's not 'exactly' a weight loss issue, but more of a 'health' issue. I'm very aware those things aren't good for me, I just need to accept that and put the gingernuts down...  Thats the difficult bit. But I have a little bet with myself that I can do it, so until the 20th February, those are considered contraband. ... Help me.

I'll be keeping an eye on the dreaded scales as to what difference it makes, and then maybe I'll let you all know...

  ALSO! See that pink thing on my arm up there? YFumble. Seriously, why fumble? I think this is the best thing that I've ever invested in, I'm pretty sure of it. It's a little pouch for all those bits you don't want to lose while out on a run, yet never have enough pocket space for. Its perfect! Comfortable, cheap and pink! Nike+ GPS works like a dream in it too. What more could you ask for? Buy one [here].

♥  That's it. I'll stop now.

:) Are you training for anything? 

How is it going? Do you experience this appetite crazyness?

~resources used~

♥  photo templates : v.1

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Photoshop Template v.1

One of the favourite things I've discovered while self-teaching myself about Photoshop (CS4) is getting to grips with Photo Templates. I've used them in a lot of my blogs & love how simple, yet effective they are to show off more than one photo at a time. There are a lot of already pre-made ones around, but I figured I would give them a try myself, and here is the out come!

Now, I am still not quite sure on sizes, pixels per inch & all that jazz but I've based them on your average DSLR file, and they seem to fit after a bit of tweaking!

I'm hoping to really get better at all of this, as I really love learning about it, so in time, with luck, maybe you'll see better Photoshop Templates a la Moi. But for now, I hope you enjoy these!

Available to download (completely safe & free) --> [Here]

♥  Spread the love, and if you use them, let me know how they work for you, please! ♥


Friday, 20 January 2012

MAC Attack. [Pop Mode & Smokey Eyes]

This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands - but I am not in any way complaining!


(also, I made a gif! I made a gif!)

So now I'm spending my time blogging, being vain, and talking about make-up. Suits me fine.

I think apart from Spanish, running, blogging & eating food - make up is another one of my addictions in life. Sadly, I'm never seen many places without it, but some days, I do love to put it on and in a way become somebody different. Me without the layers doesn't make the most confident person, but once I've applied the colour of the day I'm good to go out into the big wide world.

With that, comes the fact that I completely own too much make-up, a box full, in fact. Maybe one of these days I'll blog about it. But for today, I just wanted to congratulate MAC on being so damn perfect.

Pop Mode Lipglass & Eye Kit 'Smokey Eye'  are possibly becoming my two favourite purchases (one was a gift) I personally love purpley/reds, even though I'm probably considered pretty pale, I like the contrast. I used the bottom shades on my eyes & just one layer of Pop Mode.

I'm a bit of a MAC addict, so me singing its praises may not be a shock to most, but I just thought these two were worth shouting about!

Make-up| MAC : Pop Mode Lipglass & Eye Kit Smokey Eye. Jumper| TopshopJewellery| Tiffany & Co Bracelet & Earrings.

What do you think? :)

What are your favourite beauty brands?


Friday, 13 January 2012

Run, Write, Sweat.

It all just got serious.

I just got back from an accidental "Ab Blast" class - it is only 4pm and I'm already exhausted. I say accidental,  because I really was only in the gym to run, do a few weights, get home and make way on my pain in the arse dissertation.

Mid shoulder press I got asked if I wanted to join the "20-30 minute" work-out. Not wanting to look like a wimp, I said I would, only if it didn't kill me. The instructor said no.

They lied.

The pain was ridiculous. In fact, I could barely do half of the moves because my legs / arms / body had given up on me after my intended 5k anyway. It was a mixture of sit ups, crunches, plank, pilates-esque moves and really just a whole lot of sweat.

But, I suppose I can say I 'tried', and maybe I'll just stick to pilates in future!

In Other News:

  1. I hate my dissertation

  2. I hate my dissertation

  3. I hate my dissertation

I'm in the middle of two weeks of exams (two down, two to go, woohoo!) and now nearly one week into my Berlin Half Marathon plan. Beginning to realise now, these next 12 weeks are going to be immensely challenging in all respects. Mentally / physically / sweat-ily. I'm doomed.

Overall, half marathon training is going well :) I have a four mile run this weekend, while finishing off 1,000 words of my dissertation and avoiding any more 'ab blast' classes.

If it all goes quiet on the blog front - don't send a search party. I'll just be sat, aching, still in my dri-fit and surrounded by papers, books & Spanish dictionaries.

Wish me luck!


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Get Up Offa That Thing.


~shakes pompoms~

I had such a great time / holiday in general. It has all been fantastic. But it seems I've forgotten what vegetables are, and what I really should doing with any spare minutes I have now - exercising. 

Exercising, moving, going outside. Anything that generally doesn't involve sitting in my pjs, eating mince pies, pretending it's still Christmas & over all, avoiding reality.

Thats right! It's that time again.

9th January officially means HALF MARATHON TRAINING TIME.

Somebody pray for me.

Although I don't start my Hal Higdon Novice 1 Half Mara Plan until Monday (also bought the plan for my iPhone, I'll let you know how that works out!) - I started today off with a sneaky 20 minutes on the cross trainer, couple of kettlebell reps and a few weights; before collapsing in an unfit, unattractive heap of Christmas mess on the sofa.

It is amazing how quickly (although I havent exactly exercised since September) you can become so unfit in such a short amount of time. Of course, I've never been of Schwarzenegger standard, but whilst training last year, I guess I would have classed myself as quite physically fit ie. could run a couple of miles before breaking a sweat. Now, however, this morning I could barely complete those 20 minutes without my breathing messing up, being in a complete sweat and my legs aching far much more than they should have...


I didn't give up. I was disappointed. But if I know anything that running has taught me - its to never give up.

Either way, it was a wake up call, I didn't exactly set a New Years Resolution, because lets face it, they're never achieved, but a realistic goal this year is to run atleast one Half Marathon. Of course, I feel like I will run Berlin - but as last year showed, you never know what is round the corner. So I'll keep my fingers & toes crossed that this one happens and goes well!

The Plan.

I will be following the Half Higdon Half Marathon Novice 1 Plan, found here -> [click]. Taking into account my injuries from last year, and the fact I struggled with twenty minutes on a cross trainer today; this seems like the sensible option. There are always other races to push for PBs and more challenging plans, but right now, running four times a week 2-3 miles in the first few, sounds just about right to me.

What's even better is that I'm definitely not alone in this. For those not on Twitter - Team Bangs On the Run [Army] is in full effect! Organised by the lovely Bangs & A Bun, a fair few women are joining forces and heading to Berlin to kick this Half Mara's ass! A lot of the Team I trained with last year will be there too/or running a similar race in the UK & I'm pretty sure any lady willing to get their butt to Berlin in April is allowed to join in :)

So what are you waiting for?

~dance break~

Wish me luck on Monday!

Are you joining? Are you running any races this year? x

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