Friday, 9 December 2011

The Models1 Finalist Day in LDN!

As most of you know, on Tuesday I went down to London for the Models1 / Style 369 / Evans Plus Size Model Competition!

It was awesome.

Even my love / hate relationship with the capital city couldn't deter me from how good the day was. AND, I didn't get lost! For the first time, in the whole 4 times I've been to London, I didn't get lost & start crying. Pretty great feeling!


8.45am Tuesday. Without any real make-up on & in a simple black vest top as required; I caught the train to Kings Cross.

The whole zero make-up thing was a little 'unsettling,' and actually the first time I've ever done something like that - which in itself is a pretty weird thing to admit. So, to make myself feel a little better I applied Johnsons Daily Essentials Face Cream (£4.07) as per usual, plus NARS Multi Protect Primer (£24); just to give some kind of glow to my skin, a smidgen of 17 Clear Definition mascara (£4.69) for my lashes and 'brows & Vaseline (£1.99) for my lips - and I was off!

I arrived in London for 11am, I instantly became nervous with the whole 'I don't know where I am meant to go' situation, but I soon caught the tube and arrived at Holborn station.

Once I found Models1 HQ I was greeted by the receptionist and met Ashley, Holly & Jessica (lovely girls!); who were also in my 'category' for the day. We chatted, signed forms, got measured, asked to change into leggings and heels & waited for hair and make-up.

In the mean time I got to speak to women from Evans, who were super friendly, although I was quite nervous! I'm normally not nervous I guess, but I think I had a mini - realisation of how much I wanted this, making it quite an important conversation - leading to me getting nervous & probably blushing!

I also got 'interviewed' & filmed for what I guess, may go on a website at some point, about how I felt about the event, what it would mean to me to win, etc!

Hair and make- up time!

I've never had someone else do that for me, so it was quite a nice, relaxing experience! My hair was straightened, and I had some pretty natural looking make-up applied; neutral eyeshadows & a slight lip tint & I was good to go!


12.30, I got asked to go for the photo - shoot. It was a great, friendly environment and the photographer really made me comfortable. I had a full shot taken with my number '15' and then on with some portrait, head on & body shots! There were a lot of "perfect, perfect!"'s being said, but maybe he was just being nice! :)

I wont deny, I was more nervous than I thought I would be! But, hopefully that didn't show & I got some good pictures (Oh, and you know I tried to use all my Tyra Banks knowledge of 'smizing' - if you don't know, you should!)

After that, it was home time! And I got to check out my goody bag, which was another nice surprise.

In it was:

January's Cosmopolitan, St. Tropez Instant Tan, Body Shop Blusher in Heather Pink (which I LOVE) & Lip Liner in Mauve Berry (also, great) a Models1 lanyard, Evans new AW catalogue, plus info on up & coming clothes lines AND some earrings from Daisy & Eve.

Spoilt much?

All in all, a great day, a nice change from everything I've been doing at the moment, and a cool little experience to add to the Bank of Life. So, a big 'thank you!' to Models1/Evans/Style 369 for organising it all.

What will come of it?

I'm not too sure!

As far as I know, I think the results are within this month, there are five winners - one for every shape (apple, pear, curvy & busty) plus one new face of Style369!

There were a lot of beautiful girls there, [read. fierce competition!] but thank you all for the support I had leading up to this! And of course, I will keep you updated on the outcome ;)

[EDIT] I received an email yesterday unfortunately saying I didn't get to the finals, however it doesn't change anything I wrote & the great time I had :)... Thanks everyone for the support! It's been fun!


  1. Amazing! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  2. hope you win your perfect plus size model.

  3. Thanks Sam. I'm glad you had a nice time and you have also gained experience of a photo shoot.

    Did they give you any of the photos to take away?

  4. ahhhh I wish I'd seen your 2 blog posts on this 3 weeks ago! Style369 posted on facebook they were announcing the finalists on Friday (and then today). It was all done and dusted 3 weeks ago!

    Sorry you didn't get through to the final - you're a stunner! You should apply to modelling agencies :)

  5. [...] I paired it with Bubblegum scrub (£4.95) before applying (made of sugar, I tend to just end up eating it) and lined with Body Shop Lip Liner in Mauve Berry which I got in my Models1 goodie bag. [...]


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