Sunday, 4 December 2011

T'is The Season!

It's officially December. AND CHRISTMAS IS ON ITS WAY!


Um... I may, be slightly excited.

That excitement
doubledtripled when we picked up our Christmas tree yesterday (Nordman fir - adiós pine needle droppings) and I got to spend all afternoon decorating it, with shiny new baubles, lights, glitter; you name it, it's probably on it!
It was fun! Probably more fun than any twenty-two year old should really have decorating a Christmas tree, but there you go.

Collection of baubles!

My favourite is probably the cinammon roll looking one (food always on the brain & all).

Oh & the Santa - because he came from the German Market :)

Putting up the tree is something I've always loved doing since I was little, this time the only difference was that I didn't have my younger sister around to help! But I did still put on (the mandatory) Christmas songs on the TV and bopped about while threading all the baubles.

Et viola!

Here is our lovely little tree!

I love it & it also smells nice (I like pine, what can I say?)

So I am now fully in the festive spirit & very ready for the 25th!

Have you all put up your decorations yet? 

What's your favourite thing about Christmas? :)



  1. Very nice your small tree. Here it is quite very different in this epoch, this one coming the summer, the people do not think about 25. Everything begins to have color of navidad on December 20.
    Very agreeable your post.
    Como va tu español?

  2. A greeting for you my friend


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