Thursday, 15 December 2011

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide!

I think we've established Christmas is my favourite time - ever.

And even though I've nearly finished Christmas shopping, wrapped everything and put it under the tree, there's no reason I can't suggest some extra cute bits I've seen floating around on the the wonderful internetz.

So here are my Top Six gifts for Him, Her & Home/Stocking Fillers.

Also they're all relatively cheap to help with the purse strings :)


1. Burgundy Satchel [Asos £70] 2. Fur Slipper Boots [Warehouse £20] 3. Seasonal Goody Bag [Hotel Chocolat] 4. Body Creme [Jo Malone £48] 5. Lingerie  [Topshop £22] 6. House of Harlow Ring [Urban Outfitters £110].

For Her.

So maybe I went with my taste on this one - but what woman wouldn't love to receive at least one of these as a gift?! Christmas is about indulging, I could probably see me sporting all of these things all at once on Christmas morning!

I think my favourite thing on here is the body creme. Jo Malone scents are beautiful (and unisex!); pomegranate noir being one of my favourite smells! Everything from that shop has a sense of luxury about it, and even comes in a lovely little box & gift wrapped if required. Plus if you're from Leeds, there's also a great shop in The Victoria Quarter! 

1. Floral Dish [Asos £10] 2. I Heart My Necklaces [Asos £12] 3. Ceramic Family [Topshop £14] 4. Rose Mirror [Urban Outfitters £24] 5. Chelsea Roses Mug in a Tin [Cath Kidston £8]  6. Love Hearts Tea Candles [Firebox £5.99]

For the Home / Stocking Fillers! 

I love little bits like these; cute, stylish & suitable for most friends, sisters, girlfriends - I'm sure there is something for everyone in there! Particularly love the "Love Hearts" tea candles, super cheap too. Well done Firebox!

Little surprise bits are normally my favourite to open. I always like to see what other people think I might enjoy :)

1. Christmas Socks [Topman £3] 2. T-Shirt [All Saints £40] 3. Duff Beer 24 Pack [Firebox £24.99] 4. Novelty Mug of Sweets [River Island £6] 5. weSC Banjo Headphones [Asos £60] 6. Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves [Firebox £14.99]

For Him.

Um... So these gifts may not exactly be bordering on the cheap side, but there are some pretty cool gadgets - looking at you, isotoner gloves, that may (or may not) make your chap/father/guy friend happy this Christmas. Obviously, everyone is different, but I thought these may help spark some ideas if anyone is really stuck!

Personally, love the Firebox website, great quick postage & hundreds of quirky gift ideas - so check that out if nothing else! (not paid to say this, I really do just love their site!)

And that is it!

Miss Samantha Christmas - over & out :)

What are some of your favourite online shops? Have you bought all your gifts yet?


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