Friday, 30 December 2011

Adiós 2011 - Well, Hello There 2012.

Every year I look back. I can't help it.

So now I'm blogging about it. Predictable? Probably.

But nevertheless, to put it into one sentence: 2011 was the dogs cojones.

Personal goals were achieved, fun was had, new friends were made, I'm coming out of it with my health still in tact; what more can you really ask for?

Technically, I guess I started that journey in 2010, but it was completed May 2011. I flew home a changed, independent, more confident person and the rest of the year was a positive one from then on. 

I visited Seville, Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, Cadiz, Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona and Galicia all in the same year - adding another big tick to the 'places I want to visit in my life' list.

This moment essentially changed my life in respect to health & running. I started something I never thought I would like and/or enjoy, but I did - and I loved it. The ladies above are a force to be reckoned with, they helped and supported each other the entire way, and even though I couldn't run/walk by the time the Half came around, seeing them achieve their goals was the ultimate highlight. Because of that, me and a Half Marathon in Berlin have some unfinished business to attend to in 2012. 

  • I began blogging - 2011 was the year of the blog for me.

With being Featured on Freshly Pressed & Shortlisted for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards, it really was a good year for this little fella *pats* I gained a lovely handful of readers, some of whom have stuck it out while I tried to find my feet & for that I am grateful.

  • Evans/Models1 - A path I never expected to go down in 2011; modelling.

Having the opportunity to visit Models1 HQ was pretty special, even being considered for the competition to be part of Evans S/S 12 catalogue was awesome. Although I didn't 'win', being shortlisted was a great feeling, and I glad I took the risk of entering - something that I will take into 2012, risk taking.

Infact, I'm sure 2011 had even more than what I just listed - but those definitely count as some of the highlights (and life changers).

So what will 2012 bring?


  • Run a Half Marathon in Berlin

Those two are 100% happening.  1. whether I graduate with a First, 2.1, 2.2; fact is, I did it. I've struggled, but I'm proud of my effort (and I'll become the first person in my family to have a degree hah!) so it's not something I won't be happy (or quiet) about :)

Berlin - Bring. It. On. Team Bangs Army will be in full force, and I can't wait to complete it; and see a new city in the mean time!

Things I'd like to achieve:

  • More travellng?

  • I turn 23?

  • I start a PGCE?

  • I enter the 'real world.'

Watch out 2012! Im'ma coming!

What are your plans? What has been your 2011 highlight? :)


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