Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tortoise Sitting!

Harry, world. World, Harry.

Let me just start by saying - I do not own this cute, little 5 year old tortoise, but I did get to 'tortoise sit' for a week!

And I loved it!

I'm a huge animal lover and miss having a pet, so when this little guy came to visit it was great. I say guy, but shes a 'she'; you can only sex a tortoise after 5 years, and I think they just liked the name.

So Harry is girl.

What did I learn about tortoises?

A lot. They need to have luke-warm water baths everday to help them, um... 'go'. Hence so many pictures in the bathtub. They seem to enjoy chin tickles. This one did not need to be in hibernation (before anyone says). She sleeps on a little heat mat. They don't necessarily like lettuce, cucumbers etc & they are surprisingly 'noisy' really. She scraped her claws along the sides of her wooden box while she was awake in a digging motion for most of the time, driving my boyfriend slightly crazy (hehe!). Overall, genuinely lovely pets to have around.

I personally loved hearing her shuffle when she woke up, and then stuck her head out of her 'bedroom'.

I loved that bit.

I did get attached to her, she had (or we gave - you decide!) her own little personality and I was really sad to have to say goodbye! But as tortoises can live up to 100 years old, I'm hoping I'll get to tortoise sit again at some point! :)

Great out of focus/over exposed picture here.

The flat is now empty again :( and I do wish she was here at the moment! But she had to go back to her real tortoise mum & get on with tortoise life, and that is that.

I can just sit & hope I will see her again!

Do you have any pets? :)



  1. I love Harry. I am becoming a bit of a Harry stalker but she's so blimmin' cute x

  2. Buen post...
    I you present to my dog...


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