Friday, 4 November 2011

November Winter Wishlist.

My ultimate favourite season - is, winter!

I'm a sucker for a tad of sunbathing, but really I love being wrapped up; whether that's playing in the snow or sat in, watching a film with some hot chocolate. Now that November has some how crept up on us, I'm excited that winter is on its way too!

With winter comes Christmas & so, I've been doing a lot of online shopping recently;

putting two + two together, I got this post.

Here's my winter wishlist for this month!

  1. Nails Inc. Glitter Collection

  2. Topshop - Knitted Snow-Flake Jumper

  3. Elfie Reindeer Slipper Socks

  4. Miss Selfridges - Bronte Leather Mid Heel Boots

  5. MAC Glitter & Ice Holiday Collection

  6. Topshop - Faux Fur Snood

  7. Topshop - Snowman PJs

  8. Asos Wool Fairisle Mittens

  9. Tazo Chai Tea

I may or may not have to (definitely) buy those pyjamas... and the mittens... and the make-up. Eek!

Either way, I think all those things would make even the biggest winter-hater enjoy snuggling up while its cold outside, no? And as for the tea - if you're going to drink any, make it that one! A cinnamon-y mug of loveliness. Mm!

What are you favourite things about winter? :)



  1. Your Winter wish list is simply divine! The mittens are adorable x

  2. Thanks lovely! :) glad you like it, did get me all excited for Christmas! xx

  3. I looove the snow-flake jumper, so cute! I love all the Christmas-print knitwear!
    I have those glittery Nails Inc nail varnishes, they are amazing! Perfect for the festive season. xx

  4. Samantha - your blog is so beautiful! Pretty, pretty, pretty.

    Since I live in frigid Vermont - and we are approaching nine months of winter - I want some new snow boots.

    I'm hoping to get back into knitting as well. Maybe make some fun socks.


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