Monday, 21 November 2011

A Festive Candy Shack!

Last Friday I paid a visit to my sisters Traditional & Retro Sweet Shop - The Candy Shack!

As usual, (sorry Lucy!) I pinched a fair few sweets, but this time I actually had a purpose for going - to paint the window with a Christmas theme!

I absolutely loved doing it; for those that don't know I did Fine Art, Graphic Art & Photography A Levels (yet chose to struggle on with Spanish) and art & painting have always played huge parts in my life - so being able to paint a childish Christmas scene, that people & children will see, made me really happy!

I had to stop at one point because I thought my fingers may drop off with the cold...

One thing we did realise - that white window paint dries transparently... Making painting a snowman preeettyy difficult!

Et viola!

Quite clearly it's no masterpiece, but I felt pretty proud of it! It added a nice little Christmas theme to the shop and seeing some small children admiring it & getting all festively excited really made my day :)

If you want to check out some of my old art pieces, have a look -> [here]

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?



  1. Ooooh your snowflakes turned out beautifully! I'm a terrible artist - so I always appreciate when someone can make things like that happen. I haven't even thought about xmas yet...once Thanksgiving is over that will be what I devote my energy and time to (besides running).

  2. Haha! Thanks lovely, I'm pretty pleased how it came out :)
    I'm sure you can make things really!
    PS. Get well soon! x


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