Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Busy [Read: Drunk] Weekend.

  1. Dress - Warehouse

  2. Shoes - New Look

  3. Earrings & tights - Topshop

A Recap of My Weekend!

Friday night; me, my sister and her boyfriend, plus a few of his friends, went out to see "The Ladyboys of Bangkok," and it did pretty much what it says on the tin.

  • Ladyboys

  • From Bangkok

  • Miming to a CD only my Mum would own.

But it was surprisingly funnier than I expected. Perhaps because I drank more than expected? Anywho, the combination of hit nineties songs, plus men dressed as women; or, men with breasts, dancing around, swinging their wigs about; and the confused look on the boys faces of whether to be attracted to them or not (worth going just to see that) made for a very good night!

and that would be my younger sister being bitten by a vampire. this is a genuine capture of fear.



True to my word, I dressed up as a Lion for Halloween & my friend was a Leopard!

It was messy.

We drank in Oracle, Jakes Bar & apparently; Normans.

All I need to say really is that - I woke up with half my make up still on, my lion outfit was stripped off in the hall; yet no shoes. I thought I'd lost my bag; camera, driving license, lipstick, phone, EVERYTHING! - but actually, I hadn't.

Um, yeah. Not cool.

It's all fun & games until jagermeister is introduced...

...then you wonder where you are and why you have so much blood on you.

From the pictures (not memory) it looked a lot of fun.

As ever. She is my drinking partner in crime & theres never a dull moment.

I woke up literally with a pain in my head, and swore, as usual, that I would never drink again...

Until Christmas.

The ends of my hair are also now pink... Thank you fake-blood!

"Does not stain," my ass!

How were your Halloween's?!

Send me your pictures, tell me some gossip.

I'm trying to be a better blogger, I promise, but with all this work and wasting weekends in comas, Wordpress isn't even getting a look in!


Hope you're having a great week!



  1. Your Hallowe'en looks like lots of fun! Unfortunately, the French don't do it right so I didn't really celebrate, but in true English fashion, we still got drunk - hurrah!

  2. Nice you come out in photographs, perdón por lo atrevido, pero saliste muy bien.

  3. Jeje, entiendo, gracias. Como estas?

  4. Oh no :( it was the same in Spain, I just got dressed up in school! hehe, hope its going well for you over there! x

  5. Wow looking really the colours xx tights are fab.. love your blog

    dawn xx

  6. the last picture is stunning ..u look beautiful xx



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