Monday, 24 October 2011

Monday Mixture #2

An Instagram-esque recap of my week!


  1. My Nike iDs arrived! Tres exciting. Purple, turquoise, dark blue & light grey, b-e-a-utiful! And extremely comfy. I did an easy 3 miles in them on Wednesday and they supported me like a dream! Fingers crossed we have a long & prosperous year ahead of us together.

  2. Velvet Cherry. No month is really complete without me & my amiga heading to Yo Sushi for a raw fish food fest, followed by the Harvey Nichols Cocktail bar. If you've never been, well... Just look at it! Yum, yum, yum.

  3. Christmas! I'm already excited about Christmas, (and probably not helping matters) I spotted some Christmas lights around Leeds and a gingerbread house! So guess what I'll be buying shortly...

  4. My mug. There it is. I purchased a cute little, half spotty - half jumper piece from Topshop and a matte, dark red lipstick from MAC. I love, love, love them both!

Things that aren't snapped above:

  • One Day by David Nicholls - When I first got my iPad I instantly loved the idea of reading books on it. The first one I bought was "One Day" - I've never done a book review, and don't intend on starting now, but, it is wonderful. A journey of two people, written on the same day, every year, for twenty years. I didn't want it to end! But, it did, boohoo. And now I'm looking for another book to read - so please, send me your recommendations :)!

  • Language Ambassador - I've got a training/meeting/interview - thing next Wednesday! Hurrah! I'm quite excited, it could be really great experience for me and, if there's anything I like talking about - its languages, so fingers crossed it all falls into place!

  • Life - It's good. What can I say. I'm working my butt off, I'm getting back into my gym/running regime, the Cosmopolitan Blog Award Results are coming up, I'm swamped with essays and Spanish and constantly have my head in some form of dictionary, but I'm happy. It's time to really work & work hard, because no one gets anywhere without putting the effort in. I'm excited about the future, but have my feet and head firmly planted in 'the now'. Y ya está.

This week I have Halloween to look forward to, a personal trainer session (today - argh!) and I'm going to see the Ladyboys of Bangkok on Friday - don't ask. And thats it!

How are you?

*Terry Tibbs voice*  

Talk to me!


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  1. Looks like you're having a fabulous time! So happy you get to run again :)


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