Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halloween Glitz & Glam

I don't know about anyone else, but Halloween is one of my favourite events of the year! (if we're being honest, I like all the holidays, but any excuse to dress up...)

I love making my own costumes, slapping lots of fake blood everywhere, and generally making a mess.

See below.

With Halloween falling on a Monday this year, I will be going out this Saturday (hip-hip-hurray!) however, I have let my creative side down and haven't given myself enough time to make an outfit this year... Boo.

So tonight I'm heading to the fancy dress shop to try and find me something to wear.

With my hair being rather big and blonde - 'lion' sprung to mind. Although not a - look at me, I'm so cute with little ears - type Lion. I'm going for more of a - I'm gonna eat ya! - blood everywhere, scary - type lion.


Fingers crossed I can find everything I need!

In the mean time, I bought some dark & mysterious looking MAC make-up, which, I absolutely love.

You know, just to generally bring halloween into my everyday!

The lipstick is the darkest one I own to date, but it's surprisingly not over-powering, and could potentially make an appearance with my lion-ess-outfit!

And, there are also lots of cool/halloween-esque/goth items on the highstreet - even if you don't like dressing up, you could still look the part :)

What are you all doing for Halloween?

Whatever you get up to, I hope you have fun!

Have a great weekend xo



  1. oh pretty pretty eyeshadow! I wish I was super creative so I could get more into the Halloween spirit. I just had my sister pick up a costume for me. Haha.

  2. Hehe! I saw your outfit, so funny! Looks like you had a great time too :)


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