Friday, 7 October 2011

Dear Sir/Madam Without A Degree.

I'm sure I'm not the only student that gets stick for well, 'being a student,'  but it seems to keep coming up recently, a lot more than desired, and its time the angry and surely - "oh so  lazy" - student spoke out.

The constant jokes that, "life will get harder, you know?" and "how long is your longest day again?" seem to be regular occurrences, I've dealt with it for years now, but at the moment I find I have to defend myself and what I do on a weekly basis.

Well, I'm sorry, but, have you ever tried doing what I do? Do I walk around criticising your job? Do I question how hard you work? Do I assume any free minute you have you surely must be sleeping, watching tv or drinking yourself into a coma?

No. No I do not. 

It's either jealousy or just a general narrow-minded attitude that assumes every student likes to drink, sleep, and walk around in wrinkled clothes, while dodging paying tax and facing "the real world" - well I'm here to stick two fingers up to that, and I know I'm not the only one.

Can you take a second to think of - who takes care of you when you're ill? who teaches your (potential future) children? who even designed your house? Do you think all of these people gained their careers by fannying about and doing jack all - like you assume every other student must do?

No. They didn't.

University is hard work, to those that want to gain something out of it and I'm fed up to here *waves above head* of the shit I get for being a "student."

I am currently working my fingers to the bone; thinking in another language, having short but intense lessons in a foreign language, working on a 10,000 word dissertation in Spanish, preparing Ethics Forms and Proposals, while doing two page translations, summaries, practising my speaking and learning Italian on top of that - which I will then use to become a teacher, to teach your (*general public) children, who's parents probably thought less of me, at one point, for being a student.

And as for tax, do you really not think £25,000.00 + is enough debt for one 22 year old to have? Do you not think in the (hopefully) 60+ more years I have on this planet I will pay, and probably pay back, your oh so beloved tax?

I am not saying, a degree is the be all & end all, because it quite clearly isnt. There are many people that work there way from nothing. But why be mad at someone trying to change their life around? What do you get out of it?

I went from a D in my A Level to very nearly finishing a Language Studies degree. No part of these four years has been 'easy' for me. So please, do not tar me with the same "students don't know the meaning of work," brush.

Yes I like to sleep, drink and party, who doesnt? But that's like assuming a fat kid wouldn't want cake when it's dangled in front of them. Yes, there are students who do take university as a joke, but there are also others who don't.

My point is - keep your opinions/jokes/snide comments to yourself. You do not know, or will ever know, what this means to me or how much work I put in, how many hours I spend revising, practising, working to make my life right for me. Your patronising comments mean nothing anymore.



This isn't necessarily based on anybody or anything anyone has said, I'm just venting.


  1. Thanks Rose :)
    Great blog, by the way.

  2. Among the 10000 words in Spanish I will write two: Mucho éxito

  3. Gracias jaja, necesitaré mucha suerte para la tesina!

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  5. Ha a lot of our staff is made up of students and they work so ridiculously hard at uni, I know it's not something I could ever do! Can't believe people would say that kind of thing to you, studying and going to classes is one of the hardest things I could imagine doing, never mind in another language! Just keep going and ignore/smile sweetly at the haters ;)


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