Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halloween Glitz & Glam

I don't know about anyone else, but Halloween is one of my favourite events of the year! (if we're being honest, I like all the holidays, but any excuse to dress up...)

I love making my own costumes, slapping lots of fake blood everywhere, and generally making a mess.

See below.

With Halloween falling on a Monday this year, I will be going out this Saturday (hip-hip-hurray!) however, I have let my creative side down and haven't given myself enough time to make an outfit this year... Boo.

So tonight I'm heading to the fancy dress shop to try and find me something to wear.

With my hair being rather big and blonde - 'lion' sprung to mind. Although not a - look at me, I'm so cute with little ears - type Lion. I'm going for more of a - I'm gonna eat ya! - blood everywhere, scary - type lion.


Fingers crossed I can find everything I need!

In the mean time, I bought some dark & mysterious looking MAC make-up, which, I absolutely love.

You know, just to generally bring halloween into my everyday!

The lipstick is the darkest one I own to date, but it's surprisingly not over-powering, and could potentially make an appearance with my lion-ess-outfit!

And, there are also lots of cool/halloween-esque/goth items on the highstreet - even if you don't like dressing up, you could still look the part :)

What are you all doing for Halloween?

Whatever you get up to, I hope you have fun!

Have a great weekend xo


Monday, 24 October 2011

Monday Mixture #2

An Instagram-esque recap of my week!


  1. My Nike iDs arrived! Tres exciting. Purple, turquoise, dark blue & light grey, b-e-a-utiful! And extremely comfy. I did an easy 3 miles in them on Wednesday and they supported me like a dream! Fingers crossed we have a long & prosperous year ahead of us together.

  2. Velvet Cherry. No month is really complete without me & my amiga heading to Yo Sushi for a raw fish food fest, followed by the Harvey Nichols Cocktail bar. If you've never been, well... Just look at it! Yum, yum, yum.

  3. Christmas! I'm already excited about Christmas, (and probably not helping matters) I spotted some Christmas lights around Leeds and a gingerbread house! So guess what I'll be buying shortly...

  4. My mug. There it is. I purchased a cute little, half spotty - half jumper piece from Topshop and a matte, dark red lipstick from MAC. I love, love, love them both!

Things that aren't snapped above:

  • One Day by David Nicholls - When I first got my iPad I instantly loved the idea of reading books on it. The first one I bought was "One Day" - I've never done a book review, and don't intend on starting now, but, it is wonderful. A journey of two people, written on the same day, every year, for twenty years. I didn't want it to end! But, it did, boohoo. And now I'm looking for another book to read - so please, send me your recommendations :)!

  • Language Ambassador - I've got a training/meeting/interview - thing next Wednesday! Hurrah! I'm quite excited, it could be really great experience for me and, if there's anything I like talking about - its languages, so fingers crossed it all falls into place!

  • Life - It's good. What can I say. I'm working my butt off, I'm getting back into my gym/running regime, the Cosmopolitan Blog Award Results are coming up, I'm swamped with essays and Spanish and constantly have my head in some form of dictionary, but I'm happy. It's time to really work & work hard, because no one gets anywhere without putting the effort in. I'm excited about the future, but have my feet and head firmly planted in 'the now'. Y ya está.

This week I have Halloween to look forward to, a personal trainer session (today - argh!) and I'm going to see the Ladyboys of Bangkok on Friday - don't ask. And thats it!

How are you?

*Terry Tibbs voice*  

Talk to me!


Thursday, 20 October 2011

A Surprise Weekend Trip to Spain!

Wednesday night I was told I couldn't watch the tv programme I wanted to watch on Sunday *cough* Meerkats *cough* - queue me sulking (what can I say? I like nature documentaries) Only to find out that the reason being...

We were going to Spain for the weekend! 

With a days notice, I packed my hand-luggage & camera, and set off for 4 days, 3 nights in the very beautiful, yet slightly English, Mijas Costa in Malaga.

We arrived to 23 degree weather, a swim up bar, hot tub on our balcony, oh and did I mention twenty-three degrees?

It was lovely. I had such a great weekend, and it was even nicer to get away from the miserable (and now freezing) UK weather for a while.

Here are some snaps!

Room & Lunch Views!


Pool side.

Pool & Beach!

Oh & we also made a very quick stop in Estepa! :)

Then ended our last day in Malaga city centre. Eating ice-cream!

Overall - we ate too much, drank a lot of strawberry daiquiris, took in the last bit of sun we're all going to have and generally had an amazing time.

I loved it.

Hope you all had great weekends too :)


Click to view the photos on Flickr.


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Busy Bee. Midweek Mess.

It seems to have been a while since I've updated my blog with general bits & bats that I'm up to. Sorry!

Recently, this has mainly been due to the fact that all I've done is work, work, work since going back to uni, and I didn't want to bore you with that!

I also have a confession to make -  I have neglected my poor netbook in place of my wonderful, new shiny iPad2. Meaning; me wasting a lot of time on it, and never actually logging on to blog.

But anyway, if I dig deep, and use iPhone photos to kick start this memory of mine, I'm sure I can recap a couple of fun bits about the past few weeks :)

Sunny October!

A week or so ago, the UK was hit by some freak (but well appreciated) sunshine... in the middle of October, yes really. And what better to do, than go to a beer garden, drink mojitos, eat pub grub, oh and meet Travie McCoy from Gym Class Heroes! (I was very drunk by that point, ignore my drunken face.)

This was all by 6pm.

We then decided to carry on, drink red bull to stay awake, and go out to Call Lane for the rest of the night. Needless to say, I felt rubbish the morning after, but the night before was very much worth it!

 FINALLY the most exciting news - I CAN RUN AGAIN!


My torn calf muscle has eventually healed and after lots of good rest, I am now happy to say, I can run again! The dri - fit came back out and I'm back at it, it feels better than ever.

Oh, and I registered for the Berlin Half Marathon April 2012! What is even more exciting than that, is that a lot of my Team Bangs on The Run 2 girlies will be there and my best amiga has agreed to do her first Half Marathon too. OH. It's going to be emotional.

So, watch out for more Running Diaries, because they will definitely be starting again.

And finally, if you really want to know where I will be spending many more weeks to come...

It's there.

Hope you're all doing well!

While writing this I got invited to the Winners Reveal Cosmopolitan Blog Awards Event, you know, a real fancy shin - dig with lots of very note-worthy bloggers and all! (I'm still questioning "why me?") but if you really want to make my day (and me slightly more confused) please, PLEASE, vote by entering your email address and clicking "Vote" in the Student Category!

Thank you! xox


Friday, 7 October 2011

Dear Sir/Madam Without A Degree.

I'm sure I'm not the only student that gets stick for well, 'being a student,'  but it seems to keep coming up recently, a lot more than desired, and its time the angry and surely - "oh so  lazy" - student spoke out.

The constant jokes that, "life will get harder, you know?" and "how long is your longest day again?" seem to be regular occurrences, I've dealt with it for years now, but at the moment I find I have to defend myself and what I do on a weekly basis.

Well, I'm sorry, but, have you ever tried doing what I do? Do I walk around criticising your job? Do I question how hard you work? Do I assume any free minute you have you surely must be sleeping, watching tv or drinking yourself into a coma?

No. No I do not. 

It's either jealousy or just a general narrow-minded attitude that assumes every student likes to drink, sleep, and walk around in wrinkled clothes, while dodging paying tax and facing "the real world" - well I'm here to stick two fingers up to that, and I know I'm not the only one.

Can you take a second to think of - who takes care of you when you're ill? who teaches your (potential future) children? who even designed your house? Do you think all of these people gained their careers by fannying about and doing jack all - like you assume every other student must do?

No. They didn't.

University is hard work, to those that want to gain something out of it and I'm fed up to here *waves above head* of the shit I get for being a "student."

I am currently working my fingers to the bone; thinking in another language, having short but intense lessons in a foreign language, working on a 10,000 word dissertation in Spanish, preparing Ethics Forms and Proposals, while doing two page translations, summaries, practising my speaking and learning Italian on top of that - which I will then use to become a teacher, to teach your (*general public) children, who's parents probably thought less of me, at one point, for being a student.

And as for tax, do you really not think £25,000.00 + is enough debt for one 22 year old to have? Do you not think in the (hopefully) 60+ more years I have on this planet I will pay, and probably pay back, your oh so beloved tax?

I am not saying, a degree is the be all & end all, because it quite clearly isnt. There are many people that work there way from nothing. But why be mad at someone trying to change their life around? What do you get out of it?

I went from a D in my A Level to very nearly finishing a Language Studies degree. No part of these four years has been 'easy' for me. So please, do not tar me with the same "students don't know the meaning of work," brush.

Yes I like to sleep, drink and party, who doesnt? But that's like assuming a fat kid wouldn't want cake when it's dangled in front of them. Yes, there are students who do take university as a joke, but there are also others who don't.

My point is - keep your opinions/jokes/snide comments to yourself. You do not know, or will ever know, what this means to me or how much work I put in, how many hours I spend revising, practising, working to make my life right for me. Your patronising comments mean nothing anymore.



This isn't necessarily based on anybody or anything anyone has said, I'm just venting.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hidden Gems #1

Sometimes I edit my photos so quickly after taking them that I rarely remember to ever look through them again. 

So looking back through a file of one (of many) of my favourite days in Spain - Cordoba during my Year Abroad, I came across this photo hidden in the never uploaded/never looked at pile, and thought that actually, it wasn't too bad!

This is inside the "Mezquita de Cordoba" a mixture of a Cathedral and a Mosque. It really is very unique & beautiful.

I hope to find some more soon!

Have you ever found any hidden gems?


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