Monday, 5 September 2011

The Running Diaries : Part "Back In The Game!"

Say hello to my new Asics!

Yes, the title is right - I am officially back up and running! Yaaay!

I am ecstatic, beyond pleased, excited, nervous, happy, nervous some more.

The Half Marathon target has finally appeared at the end of the tunnel (again) and the goal is almost achievable - we're two weeks six days away exactly until 'the Big Day.'

By no stretch of the imagination has this been an easy ride;  to go from couch potato to running 10k - to running 8 miles - to hopefully running a half marathon but, I have done it. Whether people believe I can / should be doing it, regardless, I have achieved what I set out to do, and I don't think Run To The Beat will be any different.


Not running for 7 - 10 days and literally sitting on the sofa all day, every day, has really put into perspective just how much this means to me. I am by no means thinking this is about to be an easy journey, but my determination has grown further and all I want is - to do this.

Running has become a major thing in my life - if not, my entire life, and to be told I couldn't run was so disappointing. So imagine my face when I went to "Up & Running," in Leeds for another gait analysis - and I was running without any pain!

My ankle survived its first run in weeks, whilst changing trainers and on a treadmill. I tested the Asics out on a two mile trot this morning and they felt like heaven. It wasn't an easy run, but I've got a few days to get back up to speed.


To get back into action I looked into physiotherapy. Myofascial Massage came up - a soft tissue massage that will help loosen the tight / damaged muscle to repair, and in turn helping my ankle. So, I went straight ahead, booked my first session and on Thursday, Rachel from Leeds Massage Ltd came round to the house with her table.

"This might feel a bit like a Chinese burn." - I was wondering if I could limp away from that point. And oh my, God did it feel like burning! I've never known anything like it, but as soon as she was done with massaging my calf muscle for an hour, my right leg felt great (a bit sore, but good).

I had my second session today, and yes it is still painful - but I do believe its helping, and hopefully there won't be any more issues!

If you have sports / muscle related problems, I would definitely recommend it.

Now what?

Training. Training. Training!

Its back to the hard stuff. I went for a two mile run today, and will continue to slowly build up, hopefully getting in a 10k + run before the Race. Ideally it would have been a lot more, but, what can you do?

I need all your fingers crossed there are no more injuries and that I will make it round the Half Marathon in one piece! Please & thank you :)

Also - if you feel like donating any change to the cause, please do so here! ->

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