Thursday, 15 September 2011

Autumn Is Here!

Autumn is honestly one of my favourite seasons, which is probably a good thing because it doesn't feel like we've had a Summer here in the UK at all! Its rained, its poured, its been extremely windy - and now it's getting cold.

And I'm quite happy about it!

Any reason to wrap up warm is great to me, and this mid-season change of not knowing what the hell to wear is getting tiring! Boots, flats? Jumper, coat? The weather has been nothing short of loco and I just want it to be cold already!

I also absolutely love autumnal colours; burgandy, navy, burnt oranges, deep greens - all my favourites. But my main favourite thing to do in Autumn / Winter is get a new coat. Here are a couple I love at the moment.

  1. Topshop - Mohair Pea Coat by Unique

  2. Urban Outfitters - Pins & Needles Princess Coat

  3. Miss Selfridges - Khaki Animal Hood Parka

  4. Flannels - Burberry Brit Double Breasted Trench

What's your favourite thing about Autumn/Fall? :)



  1. I had similar a convo yesterday about coats and autumn/winter clothes! Love the colours that are in just now. The blue topshop coat is my favourite out of those :)

  2. I love the colour of the Burberry one, although is a bit pricey :) hehe.
    Bought a jacket this afternoon so will have to post it up! X

  3. Oooh, is this the clothes line you were telling me about?
    LOVE the burberry one :) the Topshop one is nice too

    I need to buy a coat ASAP.

  4. [...] this is my new jacket! As I said yesterday I love getting a new jacket/coat around this time. This is from Topshop – £75; deep green [...]

  5. Love the balcony shot!
    I love autumn too, yesterday was the first day that i felt it this year...
    darker morning, misty coastal drive to work...
    Had cold nose and toes today....boot shopping on the agenda....


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