Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Running Diaries : Part "Struggling & Injuries."

As most of you know by now (surely!) - I'm training for a Half Marathon, along with 12 other seriously amazing women.

So here's an update.

I'm struggling.

And, I feel like its okay to admit that, because I know with 110% of my being that I am still trying my hardest. Last week I spent six of seven days in the gym; four days running, two days cross training & strengthening, one day rest. I'm putting in as much effort as I physically can, but still I'm finding it difficult to hit basic mileage.

Why? Well, the only answer I have is - my ankles.

Back in March I injured my left ankle good & proper, due to bad trainers (can't stress enough how important gait analysis is) running like a crazy woman; with no plan or aims - I over did it and ended up with an ankle only Elephant Man would be proud of. I rested, for a month, struggled to walk, nevermind run, but as soon as I felt healed I got back on track.

Recently, I had two weeks off to travel. I came back home to new Lunar Eclipse trainers and a whole load of energy to run - now, I don't know if its the trainers or something I've done while walking, but as soon as I attempt running I now get a pain in my right ankle... ?

I felt a definite 'crunch' on one of my runs and I'm trying my best to listen to my body and stop when it all gets painful - but I can't help but feel a bit panicked about it all! I haven't hit more than 3 miles on any run in over a week, I've swapped back to my original extra - special looking, but supportive Nike Triax 14 trainers, I've kept hydrated, done cardio... I'm just feeling at a bit of a loss.

My only plan is rest. Rest for a good day or two, doing no exercise and catching up on University work (which should be fun) then getting back out and just seeing how it goes. I'm hoping it's nothing serious and should hopefully just go away *fingers crossed* but my determination & (possibly naive) positivity remains.

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5 weeks to go...

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