Monday, 22 August 2011

My Week in Photos #2

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Another general update - I feel like my blog isn't exactly 'personal' enough. Whether I'd lose or gain followers from being more open is a bit of a risk, but after all, this is my blog and this is how I shall post :)

I'm having a bit of a bad week.

Whilst posting my "Running Diaries : Part "Struggling & Injuries" - I must have jinxed myself, as I now actually do have an injury. One that is worrying me quite a lot. My right ankle went from a niggly pain, to a full on - walking like an idiot - pain. We're 4 weeks, 6 days until the big Race Day and I am beginning to wonder how the hell this is really still going to happen for me.

the phrase, "I feel like an old creaky table," was also said today, which, can only mean things aren't right.

SO, I'm heading to the doctors tomorrow to hear my fate, which I'm not sure I really want to hear, but this isn't me giving up - still. I guess this is just a(nother) rough patch.

... Anyway, we shall see. I don't like moaning, but this could potentially be 'something,' pretty detrimental to my training.

Filling it with good things.

Last week, I went to "Tropical World" with my Dad.

Because it's currently Ramadan, I thought going for lunch would be out of the question -  um, but I forgot how crazy hot it is TW ie. like a sauna, and felt slightly guilty about the Muslim who'd had nothing to drink since he woke up, now sweating in a greenhouse.

It was a nice little day & a good way to catch up. I also got to see some Meerkats, which, always make me happy.

Another good thing is - this amazing Lemon Drizzle Cake I made on Thursday! (not to, um, blow my own trumpet, or anything)

It was super easy to make, and unless people were just being nice & lying to me; it tasted good too!

You can find the recipe [here]

But anyway, thats about as interesting as my week gets. I'm now resting, resting, resti- zzz... Boring things. I didn't get dressed the entire weekend and sat with my head in my Netbook trying to catch up with the ever looming Uni work deadline.

And I guess thats what I'll be continuing to do until my ankle is better!

How was your week?




  1. You're pictures are soooo gorgeous! You have been so such awesome places. Hopefully the doc doesn't have terrible news to deliver! Either way, it's more important to take care of yourself. There will be other races after all :)

  2. Thanks m'dear :)
    Most of these places are actually quite close. Having a tourist with me just made me realise how nice things are; almost like seeing it again for the first time!
    Docs isn't great news, 7 - 10 days rest, but thank you for the concern :) hoping to get better in time xx


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