Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I Like To Move It, Move It. [MOS Headphones]

As I've said before, and will continue to say; music helps me when I'm running more than any other thing I've tried. The right song can get me through another tough mile or two, easily. My iPod running playlist is full of Ministry of Sound tracks, D&B, Latino & House, generally anything with an upbeat tempo - so, there was nothing better when I heard from Ministry of Sound themselves, asking if I would like to try out a pair of their super fab headphones while I'm training!

So, of course, I jumped at the chance &  chose MOS003 to try out.

You can't doubt they look impressive. I shoved them straight in and tested them on a 5k and an 8k run (two different days, I'm not crazy) - I absolutely loved them.

They've got the MOS logo on the headphones and two different sizes of foam buds to try. I had to use the larger ones as the small ones just fell out - big ears?

Anyway, the sound is incredible, and they were tested on a lot of bass-y songs. Loud, clear, made me want to bust some moves in the gym - type sound.

Overall - I would recommend these headphones to anyone and everyone! Awesome look, awesome sound, although I do need to add that because the headphones are fairly heavy they fell out a little when running - but, for personal, normal, everyday use - they are amazing!

Thank you Ministry of Sound!




  1. Too jealous right now. How cool are those phones!!!

    I totally agree re the importance of music whilst running. I earned my living as a singer for about 12 years and because of that, lyrics are more important to me than beat. I don't really need up tempo or driving bass (although I love that too) as long as I can lock into lyrics I'm all good. I'm a massive 'gospel music' fan too, give it a try, it's great to run too.

  2. Really? Wow, I'd have never thought Gospel would be good to run to but I'm definitely up for giving it a go :)

  3. I also agree...a song can make or break a moment/mile/steps/minutes of a workout...can throw me all off track!.

    Beautiful headphones!!!!!


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