Monday, 1 August 2011

Happy Mondays #3

Another little list of everything I'm happy about today / this week / what I will be looking forward to :)

I'm still currently travelling around the UK so normal posts & lots of photos will continue as normal within the next week!

Anyway -

  • I mastered the 'tube' in London! - always something I hate using, always something that confuses me. On Friday I used it all day - without any problems. Saturday, however was completely different. But! Nevermind.

  • I went to Truro, Cornwall, drank on the beach, got a bit of a tan & was completely relaxed.

  • I've been pretty much speaking Spanish non-stop since Sunday... I can only, surely be learning something.

  • I got some new Nike socks, top, capri's & Lunar Eclipse trainers for my Half Marathon training! Yay! About to look fly (and very colourful!) while hitting the pavement.

  • I'm going to York today, Edinburgh Wednesday & Scarborough Thursday - travel, travel, travel.

  • I'm using my camera a lot more, which always makes me happy :)

  • Not running has made me realise how much I do love it, and how much I cant wait to get back on track next week.

  • 1st day of August! - New months always give me something to feel refreshed about.

  • Which also means - 8 weeks until Run To The Beat - holy moly, exciting. Time to get serious!

I'm looking forward to everything coming up this week, really. I've never been to Edinburgh and I do love the good, old fashioned, British seaside! From Saturday onwards I can run and get back into schedule again, whilst sorting out all my photos! :)

What is making you happy recently? xo

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  1. Congrats on mastering the tube! It's always difficult to master any type of public transportation! I LOVE getting new running clothes - I always reward myself with new stuff whenever I hit a new goal or run a new distance.

    I'm really happy about all the pre-wedding festivities that have been taking place - one of my best girlfriends is getting married next month! It's always lovely to see all of my old college friends since they all live so far away.


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