Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Amble, Northumberland.


I'm doing this photo editing a bit backwards, bare with me :)

So we've gone from Day 1 in Truro to Day 14 in Amble, Northumberland!

On Friday, the last day of Lydias UK trip we headed up North to visit my mum. She and my step-dad (and the dog!) recently moved there and shamefully I'd never been, oops.

We were only there literally about 3 hours, but it was worth the 5 hours travel just to see it. Amble is lovely and quaint, a very quiet area but from what I saw, I liked it!

Firstly we headed to The Coach Inn for food & drinks in a beer garden, that Anni quite liked (a bit too much!)  then to the beach to take her for a walk.

She is very much a retired (14 years young) sea-dog but still as active as ever!

Fin !

Still to come, photos from - Leeds, London, Edinburgh, Scarborough & York :)




  1. You take amazing pictures and I'm so jealous of your awesome travels!

  2. Amazing and wonderful landscape, all photographs are excellent...


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