Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Running Diaries: Part "Run To The Beat Coach"

First thing - This coaching programme takes no prisoners.

This is the running schedule I'm following to be prepared for our Half Marathon. I'm two weeks in, and let me tell you, when I say it's hard - it's hard, but it's challenging and pushing me in all the right ways (without it actually *doing* anything)!

I've struggled to hit a few targets, some days my Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday don't go to plan, but either way its getting me out and running with certain miles in mind, at least 3 times a week.

This week is the start of weights & strengthening afterwards (which I genuinely love anyway), plus 'tempo runs' in the mix of the normal run.

I'm excited to give it a go. I've proved a lot to myself with this programme. I ran my second ever 10k on Sunday... Who would have thought? Definitely not me.

My breathing and pacing are all improving, I'm liking the idea of a comfortable 4 miles today (again, who would have thought!?) and I love the gradual increase in miles. It's making it a challenge but achievable.

The only thing that ever gets in my way is me. My legs are strong, but my mind is stronger, and if my brain isn't in it, then neither will anything else be. So, for me it's all about finding the balance of mind & strength, and eventually I'll get there :)

This week has me doing 6k, 8k and 11k.

Fingers Crossed!


You can find the Coach programme -> Here!



  1. I know what you mean about being pushed! I'm on this plan too and am definitely being challenged. Just keep going, its almost fun when ya get into the swing of it!

  2. Nice getting that 10k! I think now that you've got that under your belt, a half should be in your near future. I started 10k's last summer, and just ran a few a week, eventually running 9 miles (so 15k-ish?) a week before my first half, and then one 5k between. I should have done a little more I think. It's good you're mixing in strength training in there too, that should help improve your running as well!

  3. Thanks a lot :) I have a half marathon the 25th September, so coming up quickly!
    Hoping to do 10 miles max before race day. Fingers crossed & thanks for the comment :)


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