Saturday, 9 July 2011

My Week in Photos.

Since moving from Spain to Leeds I have neglected my camera hugely.

Not that I don't love Leeds, but I can't say it has that many 'pretty' things as the beautiful, uniqueness of a little village in Southern Spain did (not to mention the strange looks I would get walking around Leeds city centre with a Canon 550d stuck to my face. I can't exactly pull off the tourist look here.)

So, I've been trying to get back to grips with just snapping away at anything.

Every week I will try capture the every-day, ordinary things in my life, using my camera.

Unfortunately, this week had a lot of rain...

And I mean, a lot.

Rainy Leeds. Every - single - day.

Today being the only exception of the week, finally, some sunshine!

I got my paws on my first Krispy Kreme doughnut... x6 *cough*

The lemon meringue pie was possibly my favourite. But then Coconut Ice was pretty amazing too. Ok, I loved them all.

I've been reading this book, El Alquimista by Paulo Coelho most of this week. It's entirely in Spanish, and driving me slightly crazy but I'm loving how much easier it is than the first time I read it 9 months ago. Plus say hello to my old, trusty little dictionary that has seen me through all my Spanish exams starting in high-school.

Flat pack master! Another first - putting together furniture. Yes, me, clumsy me, managed to put together a set of drawers all - by - my - self. *beams like school kid*

Naturally, it was for my gym kit, which seems to be taking over the general amount of clothes I own.

...And then it rained some more.

Purchase of the week! - False Eyelashes by Shu Uemura (£18).

I betrayed my beloved MAC to give these a shot.

I really love them. They're natural looking when applied, easy (ish) to put on, the thick band at the top is flexible and easily shaped to your eye, plus they will even put them on for you in the shop (or Harvey Nichols, Leeds) if you're struggling!

They give an extra thick, lovely look to your lashes & I will definitely be buying some more!

Using said lashes with @Leitara!

And that was my week :)

Simple, but nice.

How was yours? xo


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  1. Think I might have to try out those lashes – they look yum!


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