Saturday, 23 July 2011

Just an Update.

Literally :)  a few bits about the past week and the exciting two weeks starting tomorrow!

First of all, going to start with a little moment that will never be replaced in my bloggin' days;

 Freshly Pressed.

Look!  It's me! ^^

My humble little blog made the front page of Wordpress!

I had just got back from a run when I went to have a look at things on le blog... 300+ views, 25 comments.. on First Race - Check? What .. the ..

My general blog views vary from 5 - 70, probably being the most. My stats had sky-rocketed and I honestly had no idea why. Maybe someone important on Twitter re-tweeted the link? Maybe... Maybe its on the front page!? *thoughts to self*

I was pretty shocked but super excited to see my bad haired, lycra pink-clothed self on Freshly Pressed!

Of all the posts, I'm happy that one made it. I don't know how Freshly Pressed is chosen, but it made me so happy to think maybe someone read it and thought it was worthy of such 'publicity'. Cancer Research & Maureen got their worthy recognition and more importantly it seems that the post inspired some people to run, or encouraged them to go further, and nothing made me happier than that.

So thank you to all that read, maybe even subscribed & thank you for all the kind words. It is unbelievably appreciated xo

The next thing that made me happy this week (today) -

I ran 8 MILES!

My furthest run - ever -  to date!

8 hard miles and 1hr 18 minutes (2 minutes faster than I expected) equals a very pleased me.

I won't lie, my running  for our Half Marathon the past week has been going a bit all over the place, missing runs, not hitting targets, generally giving up - but this run has just hit me in the face with a huge reminder of why I do this.

There is nothing that ever beats a running high.

I was in the zone, the pain of my feet was immense, but knowing I was kicking my own ass at my 6.2 mile past furthest run target kept me going. I ran continuously for longer than I ever have, my breathing as an asthma sufferer was the best it's ever been, I felt like throwing my hands in the arm and shouting "Woohoo!" when I got into the last mile... (but I didn't.)

I loved every sweaty, sweaty mile. It's about time I had a good run, and that was definitely it.


Tomorrow - Lydia comes to England for the FIRST TIME!


Lydia is a girl I met on my Year Abroad, she is lovely, and learning English. We had an 'intercambio' for an hour a week, which was more like drinking coffee & talking Spanglish, but out of it came a great little friendship. Her & her family made me feel so welcome, and it really made the last part of my year in Seville wonderful.

So, in these next two weeks we'll be heading to Cornwall, Edinburgh, York, London, & of course, the great British Seaside (Scarborough)!

I'm excited for her to see it, I'm excited for her to hopefully pick up some little bits of English & I'm excited to take my camera and finally get an excuse to really be a tourist in my own country!

It's going to busy, oh, and I need to fit in 3 runs where I can, but it's going to be lots of fun I'm sure!

And thats me!

How was your week?




  1. Gracias a Worpress te conocimos, sigue así que será un gusto seguir tus pasos por tu país…, cuando quieras también te espero por mi blog, será un placer para mi tu visita…
    Cruz del Sur

  2. I found you from the front page! :) As a fellow asthma sufferer, I say congrats on the running! I never thought I would be a runner either but it's definitely helped my breathing. I only use my inhaler right before I run to make sure everything will be okay. My asthma is more exercised induced now, when before I would use it everyday, several times a day. Gives me hope! :)

  3. Hi Sam (can I call you Sam?),

    I'm one of those who subscribed to your blog after reading/seeing you on Freshly Pressed (well done btw). I just wanted to touch base with you on a couple of things.

    Firstly, I and my daughter, especially my daughter, share your love of all things España. Our family made friends for life whilst on holiday in 2009, when we met a family from Madrid. Since then we have shared holidays together here in the UK and in Spain and last year, my daughter (Lois) spent a month in Madrid. She basically came back speaking Spanish, it was amazing. Needless to say, she fell in love with Spain all the more and now she wants to study and eventually live there. Maybe you could share more of your experiences and how you ended up spending a year there. Lois is still only 15 (year 10), but I know after her A's she will be off. She is already researching opportunities. Any guidance you can give would be great!!

    Secondly, I have my own blog here on wordpress and I've been blogging for a about three months now, sharing my experiences, successes and failures as I try and maintain a new 'healthier' lifestyle. I used to be Super Morbidly Obese and 28st (I know haha) and in three months I have dropped to 23.5. I'm not majorly focused on my weight (see my video 'scales are evil' ;-) ) but more on changing my whole lifestyle. Running has become a major part of my new regimen (there's the second connection) and I recently completed my longest run yet of just over 7 miles. Still being a 'big guy', that aint too shabby :-) I just wanted to say well done for your longest run yet and good luck with the training for the half marathon. One day, I hope to hit those dizzy heights too. It sounds like you are a girl after my own heart, I like nothing better than to sweat, sweat, sweat!! If I'm sweating I KNOW I'm burning serious fat, yeah baby!!!!

    Anyway, great blog, keep it up and pass in on my blog to say hola!

    Hasta luego,


  4. Hey Paul!

    Wow, thats so great that your daughter has such a keen interest in Spain :) I've said on previous posts that I wish I had moved over to Spain earlier to learn the language, rather than struggling for 7 years + in education. Its always been something I've loved, but learning it has always been a challenge. When I went to Spain I was amazed how quickly I picked things up by ear, and more importantly it was the informal, useful, everyday language which you don't necessarily learn in a classroom! :)

    I applied for my Year Abroad as part of my degree but I know you can get placements in Spanish schools by applying through British Council <- hope that helps!
    Its such a great programme and I definitely recommend it to anyone.

    Also, well done on such a great weight loss!! That's amazing and very inspiring. Plus a 7 mile run? Well done you!
    I will definitely be checking out your blog :)

    Thanks for such a great comment!

    Sam x

  5. Thanks so much! I never thought I'd be able to, yesterday my breathing so was great I wouldn't even of thought I had asthma :) Well done you too! x

  6. :) gracias Cruz del Sur, voy a ver tu blog ahora mismo.

  7. Congrats on your first 8 miler! Just wait - one day you'll say 'oh just 8 miles'? It's a huge accomplishment to be proud of :)

  8. Thank you :) yes it is always amazing when I see a 5k as something short nowadays!

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