Monday, 11 July 2011

Happy Mondays #2

My second weekly list of everything that I'm happy about at this moment in time & the coming week :)

  • Running my second 10k!

  • Shaving 10 whole minutes off my Personal Best.

  • Using my camera again.

  • Going to see "Bridesmaids" today!

  • Major night-out on Saturday for Leitara's birthday!

  • My challenging 6k, 8k and 11k running targets. Fingers crossed!

  • Starting a spinning class.

  • Trying out some new Ministry of Sound headphones! (Blog to come!)

  • Shop, shop, shopping on Thursday.

  • Preparing for my spanish amiga Lydia to come to Leeds for two weeks : )

  • Finishing El Alquimista!

  • Seeing my health improve, little by little.

How about you? :)



  1. Found out I'm having another boy, taking my son blackberry picking for the first time on Thursday :)

  2. Aw how lovely :) congratulations!


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