Monday, 4 July 2011

Happy Mondays #1

I don't think many people like Mondays, I can't say I'm really a fan, but to change that from now on every Monday I will make a list of very good things that I'm happy about, proud of, excited for & looking forward to.

I'm a big list maker (due to the fact I have the memory span of a very old, holey sieve) & I'm generally a positive person, but everyone needs a shove to remember what really is good about this moment in time and why you should be happy.

So putting two & two together I get this!

This Monday I'm very grateful for -

  • Health improvements! 

  • 3 mile run? No problemo.

  • Sunshine! Hurrah.

  • Amazing pilates class, hello core muscles.

  • T-13 days until my best friends birthday.

  • Being in the same country as family & loved ones again.

  • The fact there is an avocado in the fridge (...easily pleased)

  • Fitting into a size 14 dress, for the first time in 3 years.

  • The support of a wonderful Team & their great advice.

  • Being able to wear tops without cardigans.

  • Nike freebies! 

  • Doctors tomorrow, hand over the hayfever drugs.

  • Seeing my little cousin after 4 years.

  • Noticing my own strengths & dedication to our Half Marathon.

  • Summer sales!

  • Finding my MAC foundation brush again after mucho trauma (it was lost... in my gym bag)

  • Beginning to feel happy in my own skin

  • The big salad I'm about to eat.

What about you? :)


  1. I love this idea & your list!

    Hurrah for Mondays :)

  2. Aw thank you :) glad you like it xx

  3. Great post!

    I'm grateful for that nap I was able to squeeze in (short but sweet) and my kids allowing me to read for 40 mins without any distractions.

    Happy Monday!

  4. :) aw, happy monday to you too! x


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