Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Check, check, check.

My personal checklist of do's & dont's before I run.

Every time I run, I seem to learn something. Whether it be a little thing to tweak, or a big thing to never do again, it's all a learning experience.

Here's a few thing I seem to religiously stick to before every run!

  • Agua - First and most importantly, I try to keep as hydrated as possible before I run. It took Southern Spain weather to make me realise that if I dont drink water, even the day before, I will suffer whilst running. *The fact spanish water tasted like crud (sorry!) didn't exactly help. I do not drink while running / working out. I tried it once and got a major stitch, so I've avoided it ever since.

  • Inhailer - Unlucky for me (and millions of others) I was born with badly functioning lungs. I always make sure I have my trusty little blue friend tucked away somewhere when I'm out on a run. Asthma won't stop me from achieving my goals, neither should it for any other sufferer. *squirts puffer*

  • Hair - Let me get this straight. RUNNING IS NOT AN ATTRACTIVE SPORT. I look like a glorified egg head when I'm out. I've found that I need to rock the pineapple look including clipping any stray hair back as anything in my face / the swishing of a ponytail will just plain put me off. Yes, I really am that easily distracted.

  • Lipbalm - Again, not a vanity thing. When running outside I need my carmex, I can't even fathom to put one foot infront of the other without having some wind proof - never gonna dry out - lips. 

  • Socks - Even down to my socks, I need to be prepared. OCD? Possibly. Anyway, Nike Women Dri fit Left & Right trainer socks are - amazing. I'm kind of worried to ever run without them again. Very comfy, with extra padding on your tootsies / heel and parts that particularly rub when you're hitting the pavement. I LOVE them.

  • Nike + Sportband - I have a current love/hate relationship going on with this, but it is still automatically snapped to my wrist on every run. I'm addicted. Nike+, you confuse me, but I can't get enough.

  • THE POD - Last but not least, my single most important running item - my iPod. Oh, how I love thee. I'm pretty sure I couldn't run as far as I do without music. I have a running playlist and there are certain songs that will get me to the next mile alone. I've got into the (bad?) habit of holding my iPod in my hand whilst running... Yes, it gets sweaty / uncomfortable, but I've tried an arm holder thingamajig and simply no me gusta. Now holding it is like some kind of security blanket that I just can't let go of *although it has flown out of my hand on more than one occassion *pats ipod* sorry!

And thats it!

Obviously, there are things like bra / kit / trainers (my Nike retards), but thats all to come in a special lycra style post. Lucky you!

Having done / checked all these things - I'll pretty much feel ready to run.

I joke that I spend more time getting ready to exercise than I do generally day - to - day... But actually its not far from the truth!

Although most of these little things do almost guarantee me a worry & faff free, smooth run :)

Maybe some will help, or maybe not, what are your ways of guaranteeing a great run?

Let me know!



  1. I'm also in training for a half-marathon (my first ever in 3 weeks time - scary!) and can definitely relate to most of these points. Can't run without my iPod (and my playlist planning can be considered a little bit borderline OCD) and must ensure hair is properly tied up and held back with a few hair clips before I set off! Amazing how so many little things can just break your concentration and ruin what could otherwise be a really good run! A lot of it is in the planning!

    Good luck for your half-marathon!

  2. Haha! It is funny, I do it every time, and panic slightly if I forget anything!
    Good luck for your first half marathon :) let me know how it goes?


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