Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Running Diaries: Part "New Plan, New Start."


Today's Run.

After my 10k and a few realisations, I decided to start a new running plan.

I haven't run since Saturday, so today was the day to put the trainers back on & face facts. A big fact - that in 12 weeks time I will be running a Half Marathon, therefore avoiding running like the plague is no way to prepare.

I don't know if it was my 10k time, the fact I don't know the length of kilometer from my elbow or how much I generally hurt after, that has put me off / demotivated me, but whatever I have, is not a great feeling.

I have a lot to be happy and proud about - today, for example, I ran that 5k without stopping, which honestly is a first for me. My entire training has been run / walk based, so to step back on the treadmill on an incline and just run, was really quite a miracle. But I wasn't happy, or proud. I was a sweaty hot, mess (nothing unusual there!) my run seemed to take twice as long thanks to a reset Nike+ and the treadmill decided to add on another mile just to confuse the crap out of me.

New plan, new start.

However, I clearly have a lot more power in these legs than I realised. I did the 5k today, I did the 10k Saturday.  I can do this.

New life.

As part of my new plan I have decided that I will run the entire half marathon. Initially I intended on doing a run / walk system, but after a bit of a disaster trial run on Race Day I have decided to sack that off. (It's just too difficult for me to focus on the task, and constantly be checking a clock at the same time. Multi-tasking is not my friend.)

There really is no reason I can't do this.

It's all now just down to a battle of mental & physical preparation, so welcome to my new life -

  • Monday - Spinning

  • Tuesday - Run

  • Wednesday - Pilates

  • Thursday - Run

  • Friday - REST

  • Saturday - Long Run

  • Sunday - REST / XT / Swim

I will not be unprepared for this Race! No sir.  My life has become a mix of gym, gym, gym, sweat & pain and I intend on keeping it that way at least until September.

As much as I'm feeling a tiny bit "meh" at the moment, I think this plan should really work, fingers crossed!!! *trying to motivate myself in the process*

Lets go xo


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