Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Running Diaries: Part "My First 5k ... (Almost)"

There are a lot of reasons I'm blogging about this, but the main being -

  1. It's my last day in Spain today.
  2. This was my last run in Estepa.
  3. This is my first 5k.*

*As you can see, it says 4.91km. That 0.09km will haunt me for the rest of my life... Or maybe just this week. 
My Nike+ band is in miles, I reached 3.06m, stopped the band and thought, "I've done it!" only to walk (possibly another mile uphill) to my flat and realise it was 4.91 ... .91! WHY!? 
I was pretty gutted but with my walk included, I know its not technically a 5k, but to me it is. 

Anyway, another thing - check the time. 7am. 7am on a Saturday I was up & getting ready for this. I knew in advance I wouldn't have any time tonight to go for a run & I really wanted to squeeze a run in before I leave tomorrow. Knowing Andalusian weather, without melting on my run, I knew it had to be early. So I put two & two together and got, 7am...

The run started off good, running 4 minutes, walking 1. 15 minutes in and I was struggling slightly, but before I had time to think I realised that I had run the entire length of this village. 

old photo. but that bench, right there.
I got to the "Welcome to Estepa" sign, sat on a bench for a minute and honestly nearly started bawling. This crying/running thing has happened before, so knowing that I nearly choked on tears last time, I decided to man-up and carry on.

Either way, it was a beautiful morning. The Avenida was quiet, no old people were sat staring, only birds & the sun coming up... I will definitely be doing a lot more morning running.

Overall, I am really pretty happy with myself... 
5k or 4.91 - regardless, it is still the furthest I have run to date. It's half my 10k and I'm finally finding my rhythm in running.

:) big smiles & besos all round.
Heres to more (actual) 5k's and whole load more sweat.

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  1. Well done - being able to man-up is hard but is sometimes the only way to do it. I am here to support you all the way.
    I used to run cross county representing my school in County runs. I remember once having to man-up twice in one race and as we got back to the final furlong in the school grounds I saw this grass verge and just fell down on it. Keeled over - out of it.
    That week saw me in hospital with my appendix being removed but there was absolutely no way I was not going to get to the end. I think I was eighth - I was usually in the top three.
    Take care and have fun with Annie today.


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