Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Running Diaries: Part "Kit #1 - THE BRA."

First of all - this happened today.

I joined a gym. Dum dum dum! And actually, it has been a great experience so far.
The only other gym I have ever joined was in Estepa, the classes were in Spanish and "sube la montana" while spinning was never a good thing to hear. I figured if I can do it in another language, another country, then I surely can do it in the UK. And so I have. The gym is amazing, the people are (possibly a little bit over) friendly and the equipment looks like it is going to work wonders for me.

I walk into the gym to get my run on and within 5 seconds I see at least 5 women not wearing a sports bra.
... WHY? HOW?! I have no idea, but it definitely makes me pull a cringe-y face.

I, personally, love my sports bra, its possibly the comfiest bra I own in general and keeps "the girls" industrially strapped where they belong.
Its Nike, DriFit and made for running/intense work out, it also comes in back/cup size so it fits like a glove. (running is classed as extreme in the bra world!)
I have also heard good things about bra's from Shock Absorber & you can find the ideal bra for you over on Boobydoo!
This isn't my exact one, but I just spent longer than I should searching for DriFit bras on Google.
I'm sure some women don't realise, I know when I started going running* about 2 years ago, I wouldn't wear one, it wouldn't even cross my mind, but now I'm seeing sports-bra-less women so often I just want to spread the word a little, doing all girls & their girls a favour in the long run *pardon the pun

Boobies move, a lot, when you exercise. A bounce that normal bra's can't handle, so ladies, please please invest in a bra suitable for what you're doing! It will save many a black eye & droopy melons. And nobody wants any of that.

Love & secure-ness, Sam xo

*I say running, it was more like a jog, once every blue moon, while wearing what I can now only think of as ridiculous - normal tops, normal bra, cargo pants (?!) and pumps... pumps. No wonder my ankle is fcuked.



  1. I used to run without a sport's bar when I first started aged 17 and I swear I damaged my coooper ligaments (??) because the boobies aren't as pert as they used to be! May this be a lesson to you all. Exercising without a sports bra is madness x

  2. Eeexactly! It really is crazy (and painful). I definitely cringe when I think back to when I used to run xx


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