Thursday, 2 June 2011

Poco a Poco.

The Half Marathon Schedule!

Following the exciting news I found out last week, its now time to put my... um, feet where the pavement is, and start training!

Today I've been putting together/looking at how I can personally & realistically get through this. 
(At the moment I feel like I could run the race based on the amazing support of the team alone... But we all know I need to move my arse to avoid turning a funny shade of purple on the day!)

I decided on this one -> The Get You Round Schedule.
It's based on time rather than miles, as I realised a while back that keeping an eye on miles make me want to stop sooner than time does... Who knows!
But I'm feeling inspired & ready to tackle this schedule.
Poco a poco, bit by bit, we will get there!

It also slapped me in the face today that I now have just 3 weeks & 2 days before I run 10k for Cancer Research & Race For Life...
Um. Scary.

So, enough of the blabbing & more of the moving. 
I'm waiting until the sun starts to set here in Estepa then going for one of my last runs around the avenida.


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