Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New Beginnings.

And I'm back!

Back in Leeds, back where I belong, back with six suitcases of crap from Spain, and now its time to start a whole new adventure!

The week so far.
I've been back here now 3 days and I'm just about completely settled. 
I've been doing the usual; catching up with family, friends & reminding my brain that people don't speak Spanish here, (dear bus driver - sorry I said "gracias" yesterday). 

I've also been looking into gyms. I think this is what i'm most excited about at the moment. Tomorrow I will be heading to "Esporta" to sign up and fully get into my Team Bangs on The Run kick-my-own-ass training. 
Yay! Bring on the running, pilates & spinning.

Overall, I do love Leeds, being back in the city centre, being able to get to the shops in 5 minutes rather than 2 hours, but ... just one thing I've noticed, ahem ...

Everyone looks so miserable here. I never noticed before, but being in the sunshine-y, happy people land of Spain, I am very aware at the moment how serious & um, up their own arses everyone seems here. Its unbelievable, but otherwise, I am loving everything else.

I'm excited for what this summer has to come & even though it has rained every single day since I've been back, it is lovely to finally be home.


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