Sunday, 5 June 2011

Dear, Estepa.

So this is it!
9 months / 36 weeks / 252 days ... no I'm not talking about a pregnancy. 

It's time to leave Estepa.

And what an amazing, roller coaster 9 months it has been...

I don't really think I can put into words the amount this year has inspired me, challenged me, helped me and generally changed me for the better, but I will try to do it justice.

First, I need to start with -

- these people.
 You are what made this experience so much more than I could have ever hoped.
Danica, Rachel, Nick, Mike, Paulina, Charlene, Marion, Teresa, Christy, Sarah, Kat & Julie
- I will miss you all, so much, along with your confusing American sayings, UK vs. USA English, "have you got a rubber?" & so on and so forth.

I have learnt a lot from you all, and you made this adventure even more special.

The school.

I don't think I could, ever, possibly, have been put in a better, fun-loving school than IES La Roda...

The children are amazing, the staff are wonderful and the teachers have inspired me to teach.
I have gained so much valuable experience from everyone there that is truly priceless.

I also learnt to speak up if someone takes your toast.


Manolo and his coffee (that is apparently the best, I still - do not like coffee, one thing Spain could not change), and media con tomates every busy break-time, the old crazy men that practically live there, the "WOOPAH" noise he makes when I say I dont want my 20cent change, the man that reminds me of a crab; who cleans up after 10 or more teachers bombard the smallest place in the world, who then gets paid in alcohol for his work - thank you all for being so entertaining.

The adventures.
Which looks a little something like this.

If anyone (other than me) has followed this blog all the way through, I think its fair to say I've traveled a fair amount -

Granada, Orgiva, Lisboa (Portugal), Cadiz, Mijas Costa, Marbella, Porto Banus, Madrid, Barcelona, Benicásim, Valencia, Sevilla, Cordoba, Nerja, Santiago de Compostela, Antequera, Malaga, Ronda, Cabra & of course, Estepa & La Roda de Andalucia. 

I can leave knowing I've visited every city I had on my list and I loved them all.


An experience that has quite literally been a dream come true.
Since I was little, right through to my teens; I wanted to live in Spain. To speak the language, eat tapas; everyday, dress up in a traje de gitana and live in a white painted flat. All of those things I have done this year (maybe not the tapas bit - obesity stopped me).

If there's anything I've learnt it is that -

  • No matter how hard a challenge is, keep going.
  • Practise makes perfect, or it will at least improve your spanish, a lot.
  • When one thing ends in life, another begins.
  • Be true to yourself, live your dreams & really experience life.
  • Finally, always do what makes you happy, because that is whats most important.

As clichéd as a lot of that sounds (cheese city, I know) these are my new rules for life.
I have learnt not only the language here, but a million more things I never expected, and for that I am truly grateful...

Dear Estepa, 
Thank you for being one of the best homes I've ever had...
And as Charlene would say ... "Guys! It's just a goodbye!"

(a little video of all the months here - photo form :))

Adios España...
It's been amazing.
Besos, Sam xo

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  1. Samantha, you have had an amazing year and I am so very proud of you...
    Lots of love mum..xx


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