Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Adiós IES La Roda.

I'm posting this as today I have nothing to do.
No more school, no more repeating English words, no more work at the wonderful, tiny school that is IES La Roda.

A high-school of no more than 250 pupils & probably no more than 10 classrooms.
...Yet, there I have had the most fun, eye-opening, challenging, educational experience of all my 22 years on this planet.

It was truly a blessing to be put in such a wonderful school for my Year Abroad.
& I'm so sad to have left.

Last ride to school on the lovely Linesur bus.

Leaving class, 1 Bilingual.
Huge card, 1 Bilingual.

Leaving Paella.

Leaving books - queue tears.


Leaving class, 2 Bilingual


2A & B. Spot the blonde.

Leaving class, 3 Bilingual.
Leaving class, 4 Non Bilingual

The motley crew.

"Its a pity you have to go, but children in England will be very lucky to have you as their teacher."

Manolo! The man with the best toast in the world!

Adiós La Roda for the final time.

We were swamped with gifts, cards, sweets & milkshakes the entire day. We even got free bottles of "Manzanilla" from Manolo. I couldn't have wished for a better last day there.

Now its time to start packing suitcases, saying goodbyes & beginning another adventure.
I will be leaving Estepa this weekend & heading back to Leeds for good...

So until then, hasta luego La Roda, thank you for being the best home I could have ever, ever asked for.
Os echaré de menos.

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