Thursday, 19 May 2011


Octava de Los Remedios in Estepa!

Finally! A "feria" in my home-town. 
It was small, or at least a streets-worth of casetas, a few lights, some sweet stalls & a fair at the end. 
But it was beautiful, even better, it was just at the end of our street.
Or on our street, as we discovered at 12am Sunday night.

Sunday night.
I had heard it mentioned that a parade may pass our street...
I heard some noise ( a full brass band, type noise ) and ran to the balcony to find this coming past.

 It was a pretty amazing sight.
The Church bells had been ringing for a while, the band were playing, people had incense and were slowing making there way down the street.

Our flat - opposite a church - situation finally paid off :)


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