Saturday, 7 May 2011

Feria de Abril - Sevilla !

It could be called Feria, or just, the best day of my life so far.

Okay! So, for those that don't know, (not sure how you couldn't by now) Seville is basically my favourite city on this entire planet - of that I've seen. 
I normally go at least once a month, 2 hours by bus, just to shop, wander, and generally be in such a wonderful, beautiful place.

In "April" or, May, this year, it transforms into a "Feria" - Fair, for a week.
But not just any ordinary; brandy snap, hook a duck, type fair - it has tradition and history, dating back to 1847 when it was a livestock and cattle fair. Gypsies would come to sell & trade, sitting underneath "Casetas" - Tents, to keep cool. Eventually, over time, Sevillians evolved this tradition to what it is today - a beautiful event of colour, sound, food, dance & drink.

Of course, I wanted to see it.
But not only did I just want to see it, I wanted to feel part of it.
Welcome - my traje de gitana !

Now, some kids have dreams of becoming fire-fighters, nurses, or ballerinas - well, I'm pretty sure this was mine. To dress up in full flamenco dress. (Must of been a strange kid, what can I say) I used to go on holiday to Spain when I was little and would always come back with a new flamenco doll.

The more I thought about the idea of getting a "traje de gitana" - flamenco/gypsy dress, the more I knew I just had to do it. Last minute (wednesday) I went to the shop, with Jessica & Lydia to help, while I tried on a few of the most beautiful / heavy / expensive dresses I've ever tried on in my life.

When I say heavy, I mean, I weighed mine this morning, after wondering why I felt like I'd done a work-out.
3KG of dress, I wore for 9 hours.

Really not surprising is it?

And when I say expensive, I mean, we're looking at hundreds of euros. But honestly, it's worth every cent to me.

Friday - Day of the Feria!
The day came around quick, I was so excited anyone would think I were getting married.
I never had a prom (THANKS INTAKE) so, I'm guessing this was like that, but a million times better.
I picked my dress up from the shop as it was being altered, to be even more fitted, believe it or not. I was so excited to put it on, I forgot to put my shoes on first... Might not sound like a big deal, but I had both housemates helping me zip it up, so bending down was not an option.

But nevertheless, it was sorted, I was in my dress, ready to go, shuffle down the hill, and wait for the bus.
(a rather uncomfortable, breathless kind of journey, but I was so happy just to be on my way, I didnt really care.) 

We arrived! Woohoo.
First stop was food, tapas, while taking in all the beautiful women, their multi-coloured dresses, men on horses & a spanish guitarist.
I was in my element.

We walked down the street, and it really was incredible, every corner turned were more dresses, more colours, more horses, and then we got to the Feria.

I was instantly in love with everything.
If I could have skipped, I would have.

There were miles & miles of casetas; stripy tents, that were over-flowing with beautifully dressed Spaniards, eating, drinking & dancing, kids playing in the sand-like streets, horse & carts (for the more well-off, darling) coming round every corner - truly an amazing sight.

The thing about casetas is, that you have to be invited to one. They are owned by Sevillian families or companies, and there is limited space inside each one. Clearly, we didn't know anyone with a caseta, but there are public ones. Which were just as fun :)

We ate, drank (vino dulce, above), went to the fair, I wandered around in my dress, loving the rippling effect of the frills, admired the atmosphere, dodged the horses, and the horse "gifts" in the street... 
I don't think there was any point that I didn't have a smile on my face.

We finished the day eating tapas, "huevo a la flamenca" (above) was particularly good, although a school boy error on my half; I had to eat with a constant tissue under my mouth to avoid chorizo splatter on my dress.

All - in - all; an absolutely perfect, beautiful day. I've never seen anything so spectacular in my life, and I'm not sure anything will live up to that.

Quite literally a dream come true...


  1. You look a million dollars.
    Your day sounded amazing - thank you for sharing it with us.
    I hope you will return again soon,and that smile comes readily to your face each time your thoughts stray to the day 'your dream came true'.

  2. you look amazing!
    i wanted to be a singer when i was younger - that definitely won't be coming true any time soon! loving your blog X X X


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