Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Gait Analysis


For Easter I went back to Leeds (And Barcelona in between, blogs to come, eventually!) - and as ever, it was amazing.

I knew as soon as I went home, after weeks of not running due to injuring my ankle, I wanted to get a gait analysis done and get the correct trainers for my wobbly ankles.

So. To, "Up and Running" I went.
I wasn't exactly prepared, even though I knew there would be some form of running involved; I still wore skinny jeans, and had left my trainers in Spain (well done Sam). But apparently, that wasn't a problem.

I rolled my jeans up, put on some Asics and got on the (very squeaky) treadmill.
I ran for about 20 seconds, while the man behind recorded my ankles whilst running.
I got off & checked the damage.

Talk about rolling around!

Overpronating, in another words, is what I do.

Meaning - I need extra support on the other side of my foot I somehow decided not to use properly while running.

I tried on a couple of pairs of trainers and ran in between each pair.
Every time came the same response, "Hm, that left ankle..."

Eventually we came to try on these;
Nike Zoom Structure 14+
ta dah!

Not gonna lie, I felt like a bit of a special kid, with extra big clumpy support shoes on.
But, I know its what I need. And probably all my own fault for not getting it done sooner.

The Verdict?

I ran for the first time today in possibly more than 3 weeks (after being lazy, being in Barcelona, and eating my own body weight in food in Leeds) needless to say, it wasn't my best run ever, but I came out injury free! Which really, is all that matters.

So for now, its all about getting back on the running track, quite literally, aiming towards my 10k goal, and keeping my ankles in one piece.

Wish me luck!

Anyone taking up running - for the love of crap, get a gait analysis done, before it is literally too late, and you're all crippled, and stuff.


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