Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Finde en Benicásim.

Its turning out that every weekend is a bit of an adventure at the moment.
(not that I'm complaining!)

The one just gone was spent in Benicásim (where the Festival is) in Valencia with my long lost friend; Sally!

I flew from Seville - Valencia on Friday with "Iberia", who I actually really recommend for a budget airline. 
Free drink & peanuts on board, eat your heart out Ryanair!

I arrived to a wonderfully sunny Valencia city centre where we ate (the worst) paella (I've ever had)
followed by some sight seeing & one very swollen ankle of mine.

We spent Friday night & Saturday sunbathing (yes, on the beach! That is two minutes from her piso... Not jealous, at all...) eating many tapas, drinking & catching up! We also went to an amazing little "alternative market" Saturday night, where I just got excited about food & became snap happy.                 

True facts; people that act like statues, or do street performances, scare the mierda out of me. Really.

Nutella & banana crepe... It had to be done.

 Its been 2 years since I last saw Sally. 
And two years ago I was struggling through my Spanish A Levels, wondering why on earth I loved a subject that clearly didn't love me back. 

But we stuck it out, and there we were, living the life in Spain, speaking Spanish like it's (almost) natural. 
It was lovely :) and made me realise how far I've come.
Overall, that you should never give up on something you love or something that makes you happy.

Follow your dream.
Chase it. You'll catch it eventually.

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