Thursday, 28 April 2011


For Easter, I met my friend Tara in one my most anticipated 'places to visit in Spain' -
We were there for 3 nights - 2, very drunk nights. 1 trying to sober up.
These are the photos of evening numbero uno -
ie. Drinking our way around La Rambla.

 The Worlds Biggest Map

After eating & drinking until we barely moved, we made our way up La Rambla.
Coming across this market on the way.

Let the drinking continue - onto a Cervecería, and one extremely creepy old man.

Moving on quickly to other bars, ie. running away.
Hard Rock Café had to be done.

 Those were pretty tasty shots. Followed by mojitos. Then leaving to find more interesting things.

On the way (now kind of stumbling about) we came across some street acts.

Not two seconds after that being taken, were we being dragged to the next bar, "The Living Room"
It was dead.

Next! I don't remember what this was called, surprise surprise, but I do remember laughing at it.

After meeting some, unusual people, and basically giving English classes, we decided to leave.
And accidently stumbled across this place.
It was also dead. 

And thats where that little night out ended.

"EuroStar Grand Marina" - gorgeous, but confusing when you're drunk.

We were more than drunk, stumbled around our hotel like lost mice (it was HUGE) ordered room service; which I still to this day have no idea how much I paid for two chicken sandwiches, passed out while waiting for it, then scraped my best friend off the bathroom floor to pass out in bed, fully clothed...

The 'Morning After' 
- we felt like we were dying.
So much so that we entered 'mini-bar' territory and paid 20 euros for 2 (tiny) bottles of water, and 2 cokes.
But, it was definitely worth it.

Eventually, after much feeling sick-ness & taking days to get dressed -

Our First Day In Barcelona!

We plodded, quite literally, snail pace, around La Rambla, sat down at the first restaurant we came across, ate 'breakfast' - or, salad and smoothies, until we felt well enough to face the metro!

Our first stop - 
La Sagrada Familia.

It was truly gorgeous.

I don't think I've ever been in anywhere more beautiful. I would recommend everyone to see it.

What was not beautiful, was the hangover creeping back in.
We headed to a bar for tapas & water, lots of water, then the metro back to our hotel where we passed out again..
Then we woke up, and what did we do? Drink.
Will we ever learn? I think not..

part 2 to come soon!

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