Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Running Diaries: Part "Win vs Fail"

The only medal I've probably ever 'won'

Another running week has gone by. Literally started, and finished, for a while, in the same day.

I started this week with 45 minutes of Spinning (cycling until I could barely breathe), followed by a 20 minute, 2 and a half mile run today.
... This run was followed by a huge fail in the ankle department.

Really, it's my own fault. 
I knew when I started running just how important getting the correct trainers would be. Yet, I still am running in what I assume are more suitable to gym workouts. Lacking in support and not suited to my overpronated running style, I have basically injured myself good and proper.

To make myself feel better I'm also going to blame Estepa for not having a sports shop that has gait analysis available, and Seville for being almost impossible to find the bloody shop that does.
Never my fault, ever, of course not.

Despite being laid in bed, leg in the air with a bag of ensaladilla rusa veg mix strapped to it, I am still feeling quite content. I ran a good 2 & half miles, which, to me regularly being able to do this is an achievement in itself.
I have to double that obviously to complete my 10k Race For Life & then double it again (uh oh) for my Run To the Beat half marathon in September!
But for now, with my cankle swelling, I am still proud of the development and surprisingly, to me, my dedication to the events. Normally, it wouldnt be unusual for me to have given up by now.

Keep on keeping on.
To help aid recovery, or in other words, make myself feel better via online shopping; I ordered these!
Sexy, no?
Nike Lunarglide +2, meaning extra support, lightweight & hopefully will prevent further injury!

So now, a few days of rest annoyingly, but I'll soon be back on track. 
It's nothing major, but I don't want to make it worse.

Want to make me feel even better?

All donations still very welcome to the cause I am crippling myself for :)
Any pennies at all will help, thank you!

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  1. ...actually quite loving the pinkness!!! :D


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