Monday, 7 March 2011

RUBIA! aka Carnaval de Cádiz

Right now, all over Spain it is Carnival time!
The biggest & best; Cádiz.

This past weekend, we went for the opening day/night/morning. 4pm - 6am in the streets of Cádiz, dressed as pirates (piratas! in Spanish)

I was almost bordering on looking like a gypsy

We left Estepa at 10am Saturday, a bus to Seville for 12, a train from there to Cadiz from 2 - 4 *start counting the hours of being awake.
We attracted a few strange looks that morning.
When we finally arrived in Cádiz, after worrying we were possibly going to be the only ones in fancy dress (very wrong), we paced ourselves for the evening ahead. ie. lazing on the beach, eating churros, admiring very strange outfits, and general things you do when you know you have to stay awake until 6am.

Cádiz beach - really beautiful place.
Spaniards / giant babies going crazy to Waka Waka - Shakira
Midnight churro feast.
Later, 12 ish, things were really picking up, thousands of people in fancy dress, general drinking, the odd drug taker - ie. the people that decided to talk to us whilst in the churro cafe..

MDMA Gorilla
So we decided to finally head out into the crowds (massive, masssivvee crowds) and fiesta!
I wasn't drinking, as I wanted to stay awake easier, probably a first. It made it a very odd experience.

The whole carnival was similar to a huge botellón - ie, a spanish outdoor piss-up. I did expect more parades, more music, but instead was greeted by girls crying in doorways, men pissing in the middle of streets & the biggest sea of broken bottles, rubbish, and general crap I've ever seen (and I've been to a lot of festivals).

But, saying that it was a very fun, unique experience, and I'm definitely glad I went!
My new name in Cádiz is now "Rubia" - "Blondie" I guess. Bleach blonde hair seems to be similar to walking around with a lightbulb on your head and a "harass me" sign on your back.

We left, exhausted, at 5/6am. The queue for the train for ridiculous, in amount, and because we were queuing with chickens, romans, firefighters, nuns etc. Bizarre.

Just your average way home..
All in all, loved it. Cádiz is an amazing place.
Definitely one to see, but also definitely a one off.
Still trying to catch up on some much needed sleep.

With that being "said"..
Buenas noches!


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