Thursday, 3 March 2011

Home Is Where The Food Is.

The weekend just gone, or 'puente' (friday 25th - tuesday 1st) I went back to lovely, rainy Leeds for 3 days.

It is always amazing to go home. This time wasn't any different.
Lots of time with the people I love, lots of fish & chips eaten, lots of mojitos drunk, lots & lots of fun had.

Since moving to Spain, not surprisingly (to me, atleast) my love for England, home in-particular, has grown. But with me it's always a case of "want what you can't have," and I blame it entirely on that.

Saying that, I have 12 weeks left in Spain, and I intend on making the absolute most of them :)

So, a few photos from the start in Malaga airport - to - back at home eating Sunday dinner, the morning after drinking too much vodka :) Enjoy!

A couple of my drunken mug ...

Drunk, and practically advertising Fazenda. 
Sky Bar
Cheesy grins over LS1 from Sky Bar



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