Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Día de Andalucía.

Last Thursday, 24th February, just before I headed back to England for the weekend (another blog to shortly follow!) our school had Día de Andalucía

All the year groups (1 - 4 Bilingual and Non Bilingual) dressed up as a different time period and spoke about how that era affected Andalucia at the time. We had 11 year old arabs, 13 year old Romans, gypsies, all the way through to the Modern Day Andalucia.

Its easy to say it was the best day I've had a school so far.
It was a beautiful sunny day, the kids were all happy & got involved, there were prizes for the best groups & I just loved every second.

 Followed by the perfect ending of Spanish dancing in the playground.
Something that I could literally watch all day.

& a few more pictures here :) -


  1. Aw looks like a great day! The pictures are fab!

  2. These pictures are beautiful! You're a great photographer! :)

  3. Aw thank you ladies :) .. It was an amazing day. Glad you like them! x


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