Friday, 11 March 2011

Carnaval (#2) de Pedrera.

9th March; Wednesday, we decided last minute to go to another carnival, in Pedrera, about 30 minutes away from Estepa. 

Its a hard life. 
Our theme? Mimes, or "mimos" in Spanish.

Note to self : Picking "sad mime" when going to a carnival reeaally isn't the best idea.
I look miserable on every single photo. Regardless of whether I'm smiling or not.
Oh well.

We arrived in Pedrera to be greeted by the parade.
Hundreds of people, all in fancy dress, dancing, drinking, drum playing.. everything.
Naturally we joined in, danced around and followed the parade down to the main tent where everything was happening.

Above - sardines. 
I didn't try them, as I only ever feed them to my dog. But, really they didn't look too bad.
Although the smell of alcohol, smoke and sardines really is something to be desired.

We met more mimes, including baby mimes (so cute) then we went into the next room to dance around to some Spanish / Latin live music.
LOTS of fun.

I really loved the atmosphere. The thing I love most about these things is that they are always family events. There were tiny babies and kids running around, through to elderly people (or at least some dressed up as pensioners) and it makes for a really nice night.

And again, I promise I was actually happy, even though my face disagreed.


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