Thursday, 17 March 2011

3..2..1.. Tuenti!

Yesterday, Wednesday 16th March.
 Rachel, Eli, Nuria, Ana and I, plus 40; very excitable, 11-12 year olds, all went on a bilingual school trip to Malaga !

English department!

It was, yet another, amazing day at 'school'.

We went to a contemporary art museum, Centro de Art Contemporáneo, played on the beach, went to the theatre to see a play called "Lost in London," that is still quite baffling to me at the moment, later, on to a shopping centre avec thai food, followed by rolling around in plastic balls.

Yep, plastic balls.
Like hamsters, but on water.

Happy kids = Happy me.
It was so nice to see them all with a smile on their face.
School trips, or getting out of La Roda de Andalucia, are few and far between for them, so it was really nice being part of something they will probably remember as a great day for a long time.

It was another highlight of this great year I am having with IES La Roda.
And there are still 2 more months to go :)..

photos stolen from Rachel Stiefel!

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