Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Worlds Most Unproductive Weekend.

Day 3 [of the Big Brother House] - of laying in bed, not moving, coughing my lungs up, anndd I've just about had enough.

I don't enjoy weekends of not doing anything, nevermind not doing anything - while being in the same room for 62 hours. Its fair to say I'm going slightly insane. 

I'll try keep a list of positives, which go so far as ...
  1. I have a new heater, which is actually great and I can't see my breath in my room anymore. High 5!          
  2. I have signed up for the Race For Life, that is a) filling me with fear but b) actually making me want to go to the gym, which is never a bad thing. No pain, no gain.
  3. I know I'm going somewhere next weekend - Santiago de Compostela! (Galicia) Yaayy, outdoors again.
  4. Boring weekends make me enjoy school more. I'm out of the house & surrounded by lots of noisy Spanish kids.
   Happy times.
Heres to a better week.

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